The most BEAUTIFUL BEACH in Italy. The 2022 ranking

Travel365 has compiled the ranking of the most beautiful beaches of the Peninsula, here are the results

Travel365 has compiled the ranking of the most beautiful beaches of the Peninsula for the year. The online travel guide asked the members of its community, about 20 thousand, to express themselves on it: each member expressed 5 preferences on a range of over 100 Italian beaches: from the results, here is which is the most beautiful beach in Italy.

The most BEAUTIFUL BEACH in Italy. The 2022 ranking

#Spiaggia dei Conigli, Rabbit Island, and why it’s called that

Credits: @we_lovelampedusa Isola dei Conigli

The Spiaggia dei Conigli in Lampedusa is the most beautiful beach in Italy. Already winner of many awards, such as that of the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2015, Travel365 also defines the beach as the most beautiful on the Peninsula. The beach is a protected area where the herring gull and many turtles live peacefully, a space of white sand and crystal clear sea that make the beach magical.


Credits: @we_lovelampedusa

What do rabbits have to do with a sea beach? Apparently the name was given by mistake. The first time it was called this was in 1824, when the British Admiral Smith called the beach “Rabit Island”, but rabit in Arabic means connection and therefore refers to the isthmus that connected the island to the coast. But the beach quickly became “Rabbit Island” and a series of legends began to be passed down there, such as the one that a colony of rabbits lived on the island.

#The dream scenery of the Rabbit Beach

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The Spiaggia dei Conigli or Isola dei Conigli is part of the “Isole di Lampedusa” Nature Reserve, which is why not everyone can access it freely. To visit the beach it is necessary to book. The islet, connected to the mainland at the time by a sand bridge that has now disappeared, has an area of about 4.4 hectares and is an enchanting place in the southwest of the island of Lampedusa. Its managers define it “an authentic wonder, in a dream setting, immersed in an enchanted atmosphere, with incredible marine fauna and water whose clarity and blue shades attract visitors and tourists from all over the world” . And that’s right, all tourists confirm it, who have always defined it as the most beautiful beach in Italy.

#The complete ranking

Credits: @giusicasada
Cala Mariolu

And while Spiaggia dei Conigli is the most beautiful beach in Italy according to Travel365, the most beautiful in Europe and the tenth most beautiful in the world according to Tripadvisor’s 2022 ranking, here are the other most beautiful beaches of the Peninsula. Travel 365 puts in second place the beach with white sand and rocks and pink pebbles of Cala Mariolu in Ogliastra in Sardinia. Then there is always a Sardinian beach, Cala Goloritzé and its famous 143-meter pinnacle, and Cala Rossa di Favignana in Sicily. And finally in fifth place is La Pelosa in Sassari in Sardinia. Here the sea with its almost transparent water and the fine white sand are worthy of tropical paradises. Below is the complete ranking from 6th place down:

6. Porto Giunco, Cagliari (Sardegna)
7. Baia del Silenzio, Genova (Liguria)
8. Marina di Camerota, Salerno (Campania)
9. Tropea, Vibo Valentia (Calabria)
10. Is Aruttas, Oristano (Sardegna)
11. Cala Luna, Nuoro (Sardegna)
12. Torre Sant’Andrea, Lecce (Puglia)
13. Area Marina Protetta del Plemmirio, Siracusa (Sicilia)
14. Cala Feola, Latina (Lazio)
15. Tonnarella dell’Uzzo, Trapani (Sicilia)
16. Su Giudeu, Domus de Maria (Sardegna)
17. Scala dei Turchi, Realmonte (Sicilia)
18. Spiaggia di San Vito, San Vito Lo Capo (Sicilia)
19. Caletta Rovaglioso, Palmi (Calabria)
20. Cala Violina, Scarlino (Toscana)
21. Baia dei Saraceni, Finale Ligure (Liguria)



(Original article by Beatrice Barazzetti)