The record cost for deck chairs and umbrellas

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A research by Altroconsumo, carried out with the aim of knowing the average expenditure for a week of umbrella and sun lounger on the beaches of our country, has revealed which are the most expensive places in Italy for the summer of 2022. Here is what we find in first position.


# The most expensive is in Liguria: 323 euros per week

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A research conducted by Altroconsumo (an italian association for the protection and defense of consumers) on 227 bathing establishments distributed in 10 Italian locations, for the period from 31 July to 6 August 2022, confirmed the increase in prices compared to the summer of 2021 for a value of 10%. The goal of the study was to know the average cost of a week’s umbrella and sun lounger on the beaches of our country. The analysis revealed Alassio as the most expensive seaside resort, where booking an umbrella on the beach between the first four rows costs an average of 323 euros.

# Gallipoli and Alghero follow

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Following in this top ten we find Gallipoli in second place, where the average price for a week on the beach is 282 euros, and in third Alghero with 192 euros. Off the podium going down to the tenth position there are: Viareggio with 184 euros, Taormina and Giardini Naxos with 180 euros, Palinuro with 169, Anzio with 159, Lignano Sabbiadoro and Rimini with 142 and in tenth place Senigallia which stops at 129 euros.

# The attractions of Alassio

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Alassio is one of the pearls of the Riviera di Pontente, a few kilometers from the border with France, the first town on the Riviera dei Fiori. Squeezed between a sandy beach and green hills, it is known for its beach of about 4 km, many clubs for young people and a beauty contest that lasted fifty years: Miss Muretto.

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The most famous attraction is undoubtedly the colorful Muretto, born in 1953 from an idea of the owner of the historic Caffè Roma, Mario Berrino, who decided to decorate a low wall that bordered the public garden near his café with tiles decorated with the signature of famous people. Among the first signatures there was that of Ernest Hemingway, which was followed by more than a thousand over the years. In 1978, to certify the importance of the wall, the “statue of lovers” was placed by the sculptor Eros Pellini. This bronze sculpture is now the most photographed attraction in Alassio and is considered a symbol of the town.

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