The most UNCOMFORTABLE INFO POINT for tourists in the WORLD (with “twist”)

Twists and turns...

Credits: Info Point

You got to admit, whoever invented a place like this doesn’t look like a genius. Or could it be put there on purpose, just to make it a tourist attraction rather than an info point ? Meantime it will be given some information to people who try to reach it. Actually the info point was put there for a very specific reason, but which one?

The INFO POINT for the most UNCOMFORTABLE tourists in the WORLD (with “twist”)

# The discomfort

Info Point

The info point set on a rocky cliff overlooking the Mira waterfalls in Austria is certainly the most uncomfortable info point in the world. But then you realize that its construction was wanted with a precise purpose.

Cliffhanger, literally “twist”, is the name given to this installation placed on the mountain on September 18, 2020. Yes, because actually this now famous info point is a real work of art created by the group of Austrian artists Steinbrener/ Dempf & Huber. The discomfort is its strong point that triggers a complaint.

# The installation against the human impact and tourism effect

Info Point

The goal of this info point and its position is to focus attention on the use of landscape by men. The artists want to show that there are no limits and that human action continues to have devastating effects. A complaint also addressed to mass tourism that makes the local simple pawns who build tourist destination. Cliffhanger wants to be a complaint and a way to raise awareness on such a fragile issue.

# The complaint causes the opposite effect

Mira Falls

It’s true humans and tourism have no limits. Obviously we must not go back to a world without tourism or where people do not impact on the environment, but now humans have arrived everywhere. They went too far.

However, the complaint had the opposite effect. An info point set on a rocky wall overlooking the spectacle of the scenic waterfalls Mira in Austria has made the area of the Ötschergräben valley, where it is located, a tourist area. The info point is likely to make the area a mass location even if it was not before. For this reason, a series of controversies have arisen from the citizens of the area who expressly require the removal of the info point.