The 5 most UNEXPLORED PLACE in the world

Many people think that man has explored almost all places on our Planet, including the most remote and secret site. Is that true?


Many people think that man has explored almost all places on Earth, even the most remote and secret ones. That’s not true: we can admire many scenarios only through photos or virtual tours that allow us to go even in space.

There are areas that we will never reach, spectacular and wild places that only a lucky few have been able to visit.

What are the 5 most unexplored and uncontaminated place in the world?

The 5 most UNEXPLORED PLACE in the world

#1 Amazonia: some areas of the “Earth’s lung” are still unexplored


The 6.7 million square kilometers of Amazon rainforest are a priceless natural heritage: the entire existence of our Planet depends on it.

The Amazon is a realm rich in biodiversity, freshwater and hydrological systems, inhabited solely by indigenous communities. Although it is the largest rainforest in the world, some of its areas have never been explored, especially those far from the main rivers.

Despite this, deforestation and fire continuously threatens the future of the “Earth’s lung”.

#2 The Saharan garden with off-limits wonders


The Ennedi Region is located in nothern Chad and it is a vast sandstone highland.

It is a spectacular desert oasis with a system of mountains that create a maze of canyons, gorges and narrow passages. It is really a spectacular landscape, but that few can admire.

In fact, the visit of the territory is not recommended to all tourists because of the increasingly frequent terrorist attacks.

#3 South Georgia is a place where penguins exceed the number of visitors

Credits: @globaladmirer IG

South Georgia is a British territory in the Atlantic Ocean, within the Antarctic Convergence.

It is not inhabited by a permanent population but by 30 rotating residents composed of British government officials, scientists and British Antarctic Survey support staff.

It is an uninhabited island where wildlife continues to proliferate, both due to the absence of natural predators and as a result of the end of seal and whale hunting.

To access these exceptional landscapes, visitors must follow many protective measures to safeguard the ecosystem.

#4 The Sakha Republic is the coldest and most uncontaminated place in the world


The Republic of Sakha is located in the extreme northeast of Russia, in northeastern Siberia.

It is a mountainous expanse with ranges of wide plateaus and rivers and coastal plains. Moreover, it is a remote and perennially cold area.

It boasts natural wonders that are still unspoiled: from the glaciers to Russia’s first WWF oasis, to the Lena Pillars Nature Park with more than 40 km of limestone cliffs overhanging the river.

#5 White Greenland is the largest island on the Planet, but it is the least explored island in Europe

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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Greenland is its white landscape that contrasts with the colorful houses of the small towns.

The real attractions of this remote place are the spectacular northern lights: in fact,  this island is the perfect destination for “aurora hunters”, thanks to the fresh air and stable climate,.

There is also several activities for tourists: from dog sledding, to trips to Viking ruins and bathing in hot springs.

However, it remains one of the least explored areas in Europe with an unspoiled natural landscape of overwhelming beauty.