If this is a war

War today seems more like an act of bullying and barbarism rather than a modality codified over the centuries

On Christmas Eve 1914, in the trenches of Flanders, the fighting was suspended and the soldiers of the opposing armies found themselves celebrating Christmas by playing a football match in no man's land
In the past the war respected the codes of honor and civilization.
Before entering into a conflict, very precise procedures were followed.
Before declaring war on a nation, an ultimatum was sent in which the contender was ordered to implement behaviors to defuse the conflict. If this did not happen, war was declared with a formal document delivered to the ambassador of the country in question. This allowed the opponent to organize themselves accordingly to shelter the civilian population and to alert all allies.
In the ultimatums and declarations of war the points that the states considered fundamental to move the conflict were already written and therefore also the basis for setting up diplomatic relations, as well as for drafting peace treaties at the end of the conflict.
Waging war without declaring it was considered a criminal act of the worst kind. For example, the failure of the Japanese to declare war before the attack on Pearl Harbor (among other things, according to the Japanese due to communication problems) triggered an escalation that even led to the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which was justified just as punishment for the undeclared act of war.
Christmas respite
War was the last resort for solving problems between states, therefore iprocedures that moved within civil rules were respected, such as that of declaring war, respecting treaties and alliances and limiting conflict to the military sector. In times before the war was a matter mainly for members of the ruling classes and it was limited to the military area. According to the ancient Greeks, there were priorities higher than the war itself: for the Olympic Games any conflict was suspended.
War today seems more like an act of bullying and barbarism rather than a modality codified over the centuries.
It is no longer customary to declare war but immediately move on to invade territories. The alliances are not respected, but action is taken to fight even in territories that are foreign to any treaty of mutual defense. Instead of trying to limit war issues to the military sector, civilians are involved and conflict spreads in every sphere, from the economic to the cultural one, similarly to discrimination against citizens coming from the contending countries.
Christmas respite
Finally, without declaring war, the fundamental motivations of the opposing factions are not highlighted and there are no useful elements either to conclude the conflict determined by the dispute or to prepare a peace treaty that can resolve the question definitively.
War has always been part of human questions: it was precisely in war that the level of civilization of a society was measured.
If we look at what it is happening today, the level of civilization we are demonstrating is at the lowest point in the history of humanity.
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