Where has Italian cuisine landed, or rather sunk?

Credit: Facebook @lagodesign

Where has Italian cuisine landed, or rather sunk?


Chef Andrea Berton is the protagonist of the first underwater restaurant in the Maldivian atoll of Raa.

The natural paradise in which the restaurant is located needs no introduction, and the gastronomic and experiential quality is very high.
But how was this collaboration born and what makes it truly incomparable?

# Italian cuisine lands in the Maldives… or rather it immerses itself


Italian cuisine takes off and lands in the Maldives, in the Raa atoll. Taking off is chef Andrea Berton who, after the success of Azemar’s Gourmet Weeks in Maldivian resorts, has started a collaboration with the You & Me by Cocoon resort.

The restaurant, not surprisingly called “H2O”, will be the first underwater restaurant on the atoll and there are few others in the world competing with it.

# A “gastronomic ship” captained by Italian excellence

In this difficult moment, in which many businesses are closing, the opening of this new restaurant somehow rekindles hope for economic collaborations between nations.

It is the chef himself who says he is enthusiastic about this new goal achieved, and with him at the helm of this “gastronomic ship” there are two other Italian excellences: Alessandro Sciarrone is the resident chef of the restaurant, while the corporate chef of the Cocoon Group is Giovanni De Ambrosis.

# Submerged experiences also in Europe: already in Norway and maybe soon in Portofino

Credit: Facebook @lagodesign

The main features of the exclusive restaurant will obviously be the quality of the food, the high experiential level of the resort and undoubtedly the uniqueness of the location.

“I am very satisfied with the collaboration with You & Me by Cocoon, not only for the very high level of quality that the resort offers, from gastronomic to experiential, but also for the unique nature of the restaurant, one of the very few underwater restaurants in the world , the only one in Raa atoll,” commented Berton.

Guests will have a 360-degree view of Maldivian marine life and will be lucky enough to enjoy Italian-flavored dishes, as well as recipes created by the chef specifically for H2O on the à la carte menu.
If the Maldives are too far away, don’t despair: we also have an underwater restaurant in Europe.
The “Under”, as the Norwegian restaurant is called, which is rumored to soon have an Italian rival in Portofino.