Room 101

it is as if today room 101 had obtained a planetary dimension

The worst torture in Orwell’s 1984 was Room 101. The place where everyone, on the basis of their individual subconscious theme, was the victim of their unresolved fears. On a symbolic level, these represent the place of one’s strength, experienced as fear against oneself.

Dubbed room 101, Orwell referred to the programming language of the machine, emphasizing its antithesis to the basic code of human nature.
We would like to brush up on this metaphor, since nowadays room 101 appears to have become a global phenomenon.

By being constantly subjected to a large amount of frequencies and electromagnetic waves, we are immersed in one big room 101. It is obvious that, rather than the courage, this huge room reinforces the fears of human beings, leading to a collective incapable of individual reaction.

From a psychological perspective, room 101 symbolizes the part of life that every human being lives without being present to himself.
As if we had already come to terms with the fact that a solid portion of our lives is happens at a subconscious level, we abdicate an existential search. This search takes place in subjectivity rather than objectivity, which is permanently oriented towards the outside.
We got lost in the objective by losing sight of the entire act that defines us as living beings.

The subconscious becomes the realm of Freudian monsters, simply because it is not yet known. If such a fundamental quantum of life is left without its landlord, it resembles an abandoned garden, infested by rodents and weeds.

On a larger scale, we suspect that the huge infrastructure covering the planet feeds on the difference between what we are and what we could be, and that the games that govern the planet take place in the subconscious realm.