The Cake Syndrome

The European Commission's proposal to prevent the sale or rental of properties that do not guarantee full energy efficiency

Marie Antoinette, answering to the hungered citizens’ request for bread, from her privileged position suggested “if the bread is out, let them eat cake” (“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche“).

Unfortunately, the “Cake Syndrome” is still fully present in power and in the oligarchies that govern us. As the last stand, we recently witnessed a proposal by the European Commission to link the possibility of having a property to energy classes.

Specifically, the proposal makes impossible the sale or rental of properties that do not guarantee full energy efficiency. The comparison proposed is that of polluting cars that from 2035 will no longer be able to be sold, as if the European citizens were all real estate entrepreneurs dedicated to the sale of houses like a car dealer.

According to the figures, this draft could concern in some European countries up to 90% of existing buildings. What the Eurocrats should realize is that for most people the house is not only all they have but, also, a safe haven to be sold in case of need.

With people anymore able to have houses meeting with energy standards, should we expect a bureaucrat say “if they do not have a home, let them have an hotel”?

We need to recall the universal charter of human rights, in order to curb this regulatory delirium. And it would be appropriate strongly emphasize the boundaries of the State’s interference in the lives of citizens.