The Western Anti-Society

All the pillars of Western society have been turned upside down, without people noticing it

We are used to consider the time evolution as a straight line from the past to the future. Lately we are witnessing a U-turn in Western civilization which seems to go to the opposite direction than the one that has always characterized it.

Perhaps the social evolution responds more to the dynamics well described by Hegel who states that history is represented by cycles more similar to the waltz, marked by the three times: thesis, antithesis and synthesis.

If we consider the a.m. statement, we suddenly find ourselves in the second movement of Western civilization, that has been generating for a couple of years, which is completely the opposite compared to the previous period.

Individual freedom, cornerstone of all modern thought since the nineteenth century, has been turned upside down with a return to logics pre the French and American revolutions, so it is no longer about a right of the individual but a concession by the authorities.

Another pillar that has crushed: it is about the equality of rights among all citizens, which has been replaced by the diverse right allocation, established by the rules, even to access work.

The dominant thinking no longer tolerates discussion and brain-storming but is considered a dogma and, in the name of it, the sources of information and the manifestations of opposite ideas are blacked out.

The media and legal world, which have always represented a barrier and a power control, have now become power amplifiers.

Overall, all the pillars of Western society have been turned upside down, without people noticing it.

Suddenly, we have moved from the society to the Western antisociality which is marked by its own rejection of what originated it: an anti-society that, as a consequence, focuses on violence, rupture and even war, where instead harmony, union and peace were sought.

Will antisociality lead to the final destruction of Western society or will it lead to a synthesis that will overcome the current oppositions in an evolutionary way for the human civilization?


(Original article By Andrea Zoppolato & Duilio Forte)

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