Your point of view will change

The information revolution

Ph. Bessi (pixabay)

The system is a materialization of the unresolved ego.

If we lived in a world of enlightened Human Beings, we would realize that in their consciousness there is nothing of what we see from outside.

The States, the cities, the culture and products wouldn’t be the way you see them. The world we live is a somatization of the fictitious ego that Humans has experienced during recent centuries.

We are witnessing the death of the fictional ego.
Who does not have the talent to cope with this symbolic death happening inside himself and outside, normally clings to memories and to lifeless ruins.
On the contrary, those who are aware of this process will be looking for any support which can guide them through this radical questioning of themselves.

It makes no sense to fight politically and socially against everything that is contradicting any authentic human value.
Any opposition is part of the game vs what you are fighting for. Moreover, the more you fight for it and the more you strengthen those who hold the dominant position.

The key is to accept the process, understand the inevitability, give up a unproductive opposition towards something that already has an inexorable destiny.

The difficult thing here is not to understand how the world appears, but how to get rid of this psychological influence without being overwhelmed.
We must create autonomous and system- neutral structures, cultivate, breed, work with nature to stay tuned.

In such a period where transformation come first from the information, if you are in contact with nature you start feeling the “new” information and its frequencies; it’s a kind of download of new information that is alive deep in the planet.

This happens because the error has settled inside the human society, not in nature. By making yourself free from what we call “the world”, which is just a concentration of fictional egos, you can retrieve the ability to use different paths that allow you to break your barriers and let your “new” ego rise.

When you reach this point, you start generating strength, intensity and spiritual magnetism, which will give you the possibility to take new paths that you can share with others. But the upgrading of this experience will only be possible after the highest dimensions have taken their own course.

It’s a process that you cannot just imagine but you can only indulge it. Like a seed that must first be planted and only as a second step it becomes gradually more visible until forming of a tree.

Now it’s time for you to understand how to get that force, instead of thinking of how to use it.
It’s because you need to accept it, not to rationalize. You have to submit to the process, not to dominate it or to program it. And focus yourself to a spiritual regeneration rather than a material one. At that point consciousness will only download the priority information, while rationality will serve to formalize.

Any attempt that goes against these enormous changes will be turned ineffective by the change itself. You can find the way inside you by using your ability to create the conditions to attract what you desire.


(Translation by Laura Maltagliati)