The SCARIEST hotel in the world

While Berlin is undoubtedly a hectic city, it will feel like paradise when compared to one of the strangest hotels in the world...

Credit: @unusualhotel

You enter the hotel, check in, take your key and finally head to your room.
As soon as you open the door, a wonderful room will be there waiting for you: soft coloured walls, clean curtains and two, white coffins to sleep in at the center of the room.
Not what you expected? Too late, welcome to Propeller Island City Lodge, the thrill hotel where guests sleep in coffins.

The SCARIEST hotel in the world: you sleep in a COFFIN

#The scariest hotel in the world


While Berlin is undoubtedly a hectic city, it will feel like paradise when compared to this unusual hotel. As a matter of fact, the German capital features one of the creepiest hotels in the world…

The Propeller Island City Lodge, whose name derives from the adventure/science fiction novel written by Jules Verne in 1895, is located in the Schoeneberg district, in western Berlin. Designed by artist Lars Stroschen, staying here is a truly unique experience.

Before transforming it into a hotel, the German artist initially conceived it as a location for photoshoots. The Propeller Island City Lodge can be considered a real museum to sleep in: each room has its own theme and, when it comes to details, nothing is left to chance. Perhaps a little bit too much, since every corner of the hotel is reminiscent of a horror movie.

#Sleep in a coffin

Credit: @maryana.gev

Whether you want to rediscover the value of life or simply feel like doing something extreme, sleeping in a coffin is certainly not an experience for everyone.
The hotel in the German capital features a bedroom full of white coffins. Fitting only one person each, the coffins can be closed, leaving just a small gap just for breathing.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to spend the night in a funeral home, the Propeller Island City Lodge has something for every taste… Or almost.

This nightmare hotel contains thirty-two themed rooms, and each crazier and more frightening than the other.

Let’s take the tour of the craziest rooms in this hotel.

#The mirror room

Credit: @the_guide_armenia

This room includes a single round bed surrounded by hundreds of mirrors; the blinding lights and metal structure of the bed are reminiscent of some sort of surgical room.

Who hasn’t dreamed of opening their eyes while sleeping and seeing 300 silhouettes around them?

#The upside-down room

Credit: @travel_with_yanessadi

The room upstairs is the only one with four beds.

The furniture is hanging from the ceiling, while the beds are built in the floor. Guests instantly feel like they are stuck in a parallel world.

Imagine opening your eyes after a good night’s sleep, and the first thing you see is a table that looks like it’s about to fall over you. By now it should be clear that the Propeller Island City Lodge is not a place for relaxation.

#The rooms with the cages

Credit: @therelocos

One of the most popular rooms in this hotel is the cage room.

Two cages in the middle of the room lay on stils over a meter and a half tall.

According to the hotel’s website, this room is recommended for two to four people, and apparently children love to sleep in these metal structures.

#Sleeping at the Propeller Island City Lodge

Sleeping at the Propeller Island City Lodge costs between 70 to 120 euros. Aside from the risk of going mentally insane, don’t expect room service and private bathrooms with scented soaps.

While this hotel isn’t famous for its comfort, who would expect to find comfort in hell? And you? Would you sleep there?