10 places in Milan where to eat well (without spending much)

Even in Milan you can do it.

Milan is full of restaurants and clubs where you can eat well. Anyhow, it is not always easy to find those where you don’t have to spend a fortune. This is just a selection suggested by the community of Milano Città Stato.

#10 places in Milan where to eat well (without spending much)

#1 Chiosco al Politico

Chiosco al Politico has been open in Milan since 1991. Located in Piazza Castello, it is well-maintained and surrounded by tables and umbrellas. With about twenty seats, the kiosk has an almost infinite range of sandwiches: nearly 90! We go from the classics such as porchetta to raw ham, fontina, tomato and pink sauce. Prices are extremely cheap.

Address: Piazza Castello

#2 Pepe Nero

Pepe Nero in via Ripamonti offers quality meat, fish and a selected wine list to suit all budgets. The quality-price ratio is excellent. A perfect choice for eating well and not spending much.

Address: Via Giuseppe Ripamonti 118

#3 Spontini

fast food milano

Spontini needs no introduction. It is perhaps the most famous pizza in Milan. Served in normal or abundant slices, it has conquered the city starting from the first historic opening in via Spontini, a side street of Corso Buenos Aires. For lovers of pizza pan, here less than 10 euros are enough for a slice and a drink.

Main address: via Spontini, 4

#4 La Corte della Risaia

La Corte della Risaia is an elegant restaurant with tables placed out in the green of the park in the Barona area. Here, at noon the property offers a business menu for just 10 euros. The cuisine is homemade, with traditional Tuscan and Mediterranean dishes.

Address: via Bardolino, 30

#5 Pizza Club

Pizza club is the classic place where you can eat pizza with the ‘all you can eat’ formula. There are two restaurants in Milan. The main branch is located in the relaxed and quickly changing neighborhood of Dergano. It has it all: modern atmosphere, quality ingredients and over than 200 types of pizza. The menu starts at 14 euros, which includes a pizza, a small beer and a sweet pizza.

Addresses: via Carlo Imbonati 20 (in the map), Viale Abruzzi 79

#6 Fish dancer

The Fish Dancer Restaurant in Milan serves only fish caught on the day to guarantee freshness and quality. The menu changes every month and is suitable for all budgets.

Address: via Vincenzo Viviani, 2

#7 Sidreria

La Sidreria is located in the place that once belonged to the historic Osteria dell’Oppi. Now, this restaurant offers you a sort of all you can eat with a single common ingredient: the apple. If the drink is cider, the menu of about ten courses varies according to the period. It’s a unique experience in Milan, without surprises on the bill.

Address: Via Corelli, 31

#8 Il Brutto Anatroccolo

Il Brutto Anatroccolo is one of the last real taverns of Milan’s ‘good old days’. It has essential service with simple and homemade dishes. As you probably guess, most of the menu is inspired by the Lombard-Milanese tradition. In the end, prices are affordable.

Address: Via E. Torricelli, 3

#9 Osteria dell’Acquabella

Osteria dell’Acquabella is a modern version of the Milanese trattoria. It is equipped with light wood furnishings and an interesting wine list. Yes, the cuisine is the typical one of Lombardy. Here, you can choose either ossobuco with Milanese risotto or the classical Milanese cutlet. On top, it’s located in the bustling Porta Romana area.

Address: via San Rocco, 11

#10 Osteria del gnocco fritto

The Osteria del Gnocco Fritto was founded back in 1999. It does not offer just fried dumplings, cold cuts and cheeses, by the way. Also, the other Emilian specialty are here, for instance the classic ‘tigelle’ to be served with Modenese-style lard and sauces. If Mahmood was singing ‘Il Nilo nel Naviglio’, here we have the Emilia overlooking the Naviglio.

Address: Via Pasquale Paoli, 2

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