10 RESTAURANTS in Milan where you should eat at least once in your life

A very personal selection

This is a very personal selection of restaurants in Milan where you have to eat at least once in your life.

10 RESTAURANTS in Milan where you should eat at least once in your life

# ATMosfera: a dinner on the strolling tram

It is the most strange restaurant in Milan. Because you eat Milanese cuisine specialties on a retro-style tram that runs through the streets of the city. You need to book well in advance. Go straight in front of the Castle (Castello area).

# Bice: the restaurant where Milan is still in the 80ies

In the Eighties and in the Nineties all the important persons in the city went to this restaurant. Founded by Beatrice Mungai, nicknamed as Bice, it’s an historic venue of the well society. Open seven days a week in Via Borgospesso 12 (Brera-Montenapoleone area).

# Ceresio7: the most “Milanese style” terrace in Milan

One of the restaurants where perhaps you can breathe more the atmosphere of the Milanese style. It is also very popular for happy hour, especially in the most pleasant evenings, at the edge of one of the two swimming pools. Via Ceresio 7 (Monumentale area).

# Da Oscar: dining together with Mussolini

An alienating, borderline venue, sometimes close to fascism. Oscar, the owner, wanders around the counters to find some customers to argue with. But he is a good-natured type and everything is more folkloric than revanchist. Simple and genuine cuisine. Via Lazzaro Palazzi 4 (Buenos Aires area).

# D’O: starred pop cuisine

Multi-starred restaurant albeit with a pop culture. It is the creature of Davide Oldani, one of the most famous chefs but with a more minimal profile. The restaurant is sober and positioned beyond the western suburbs. You need to book a long time in advance.
Piazza della Chiesa, 14, San Pietro all’Olmo, Cornaredo (Hinterland area).

# Joia: the coolest vegetarian

A healthy diet as a philosophy of life is the philosophy of Pietro Leeman who offers “vegetarian haute cuisine” food in a very refined setting. Via Panfilo Castaldi 18 (Buenos Aires area).

# Latteria di San Marco: to go back in time

Local that defies all the laws of commerce. It does not accept reservations, has no website and is closed on weekends. Few places to sit but if you manage to enter you will find yourself immersed in the best atmosphere that Milan can give. The owner takes care of the customers with her husband who runs the kitchen. It really seems to go back to an ancient era. Extraordinary dishes that change every day with the seasons. Via S. Marco, 24 (Brera-Porta Nuova area).

# Il luogo di Aimo and Nadia: always at the top of the charts

It is the story of a great love, born even in childhood, by Aimo and Nadia who in 1962 opened a legendary restaurant in a secluded area. Their strength is the raw materials proposed in a non-traditional way. Via Privata Raimondo Montecuccoli 6 (Lorenteggio area).

# Luini: the icon of Milanese street food

Also awarded with the Ambrogino d’oro, it is an icon of Milan, very close to the Duomo. His panzerotti are as legendary as his queues outside the shop. It is at the top of every ranking and a must try for those arriving in Milan. In August, it still enjoys the privilege of being closed for over a month. Via Santa Radegonda 16 (Duomo area).

# Triennale Terrace: a tavern overlooking the park

It’s a room on the roof of the Triennale. From here you can enjoy the most beautiful view on the Porta Nuova skyline rising above the Sempione Park. On the evenings when the weather is good, the view is breathtaking. Viale Alemagna 6 (Sempione area).


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