We asked what are the things that the rest of Italy envies about Milan and its citizens: here are the things that we found out

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We asked what are the things that the rest of Italy envies about Milan and its citizens: here are the things that we found out.


# 1 Money

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Wealth is perhaps one of the first things envied by the rest of the country and it shouldn’t be a surprise. The Income per head in Milan reaches almost EUR 50,000, which is close to the double of the Italian average of 26,000 EUR. Even the richest district in Italy is in Milan, while the richest town in Italy is Basiglio, in the hinterland of Milan.

There are people who admit that when they see a citizen of Milan passing by they would like to key his car.

#2 Internationality

Fuorisalone 2019. Credits: @licialupelli (INSTG)

Milan is one of the capitals of fashion in the world, the center of excellence for the events and hosts two of the most visited fairs, the “Salone del Mobile” and the motorcycle trade show. Here are based the largest number of Italian multinationals and financial companies.

In Italy only in Milan you fill part of Europe, it is a true cosmopolitan city. In a country like Italy, plenty of “bell towers” it is difficult to understand how it could be that there is a city which is closer to the great European metropolises than to other parts of Italy.

# 3 Jobs Opportunities

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No other cities in Italy offer so many job opportunities and the chance to develop your own Business new ideas. Milan allows anyone to grow professionally and create a successful career thanks to the easy creation of networks and connections between people.

In a country suffering an economical and professional crisis, Milan often appears as the place where instead every career dream becomes possible.

# 4 The Champions

Credits uefa – ac_milan_inter_milan

Milan wins against the rest of Italy with a result of 10 to 2 as the number of Champions Cups or Champions League, the most important football cup for clubs in Europe.

Milan with 7 cups and Inter with 3 cups defeat get over the only one other city, Turin, with its Junentus team stucks at 2, while all the others didn’t get any Champions cup.

Milan is the only one city in Europe that has won the Champions with 2 different teams.

Against the other Italian teams there is no game at all.

# 5 The chance to do everything you want

surf all’idroscalo

The cultural offer is very varied, from the “Parenti Theater” to “Scala Theater”, from the Museum of the Twentieth Century to the Mudec, restaurants and clubs with all the Italian and international cuisines, the possibility to do all kinds of sports from surfing at Idroscalo to the flight experience at Zero Gravity.

Here you can experience all the novelties, from the new international fashion brands to the new trends in food. In Milan there is no boredom.

# 6 Efficient public transportations


The Public transportation in Milan is the most efficient and widespread of Italy.

It takes an average of less than 8 minutes to cover one kilometer, walking only for 12% of the total route.

With the opening of the fifth metro line, Milan will have more kilometers of network than all the other cities together, which is about 115 km, it has also the largest network of trams and public transport by road covers more km per inhabitant.

# 7 Organizational skills

1 maggio 2015: inaugurazione Expo (Foto: Andrea Cherchi)

Milan with its citizens is the center of excellence in terms of organization skills. You can realize it  from the very small everyday leisure and work situations to the big international events, the latest one has been the Expo2015. In a country where there is a huge difference between words and deeds, Milan can draw great envy for its ability to take actions and to keep its promises.


(Original article by Fabio Marcomin)

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