The ARTIFICIAL PARADISE of DIVERS from all over the world

The most technological swimming pool in the world

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It’s larger than the famous Deep Joy, the 40-meter deep swimming pool of Montegrotto Terme which uses thermal water. With just over 20 meters.

#The ARTIFICIAL PARADISE of DIVERS from all over the world

We are talking about Deep Dive Dubai. Such a pool is a concentrate of technology. It will really offer, to those lucky enough to immerse themselves in this wonder, some 1000 and one night surprises, just to stay in theme.

Deep dive dubai

It measures 60.20 meters deep with a capacity of 14 million liters of water. In practice, the equivalent of 6 Olympic-sized swimming pools. These mind-boggling numbers are combined with a technology that was already used by NASA for filtering the pools in which future astronauts train for space missions. They rebuilt the shapes of an abandoned city at the bottom of the pool. This Atlantis-like creature has plants, houses with rooms that can all be visited, garages and cars, as well as a billiard table on which it will be possible to challenge each other in the abyss.

#Dubai Atlantis

Deep Dive Dubai

To observe the so called inhabitants of Atlantis, they built a restaurant with 80 seats. There, window tables have a view into the pool, which is filled with water constantly kept at 30 degrees. Although not yet open to the public, there are many personalities who have been lucky enough to visit the site. Sadly, at the moment it is possible to dive there by invitation only. But you can still share emotions with the rest of the world through the social networks.

56 cameras ensure safety for those who dive into the huge tub. Secondly, cleverly regulated lights and diffused music help in making every dive an incredible experience.

#Everything is great in Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai

Obviously, to touch the deepest point without the use of cylinders you need to be a professional diver. On the other hand, with self-contained breathing apparatus you are guaranteed an immersion in safety (yes, you will this to posterity). Dubai is not unusual in inventing record-breaking attractions. In this case, there is a even reference to the local history. Indeed, populations of this area have become famous thanks to the pearl fishing, often practiced at depths that a normal swimmer hardly reaches. If you look well at the building that contains the tank, you will recognize the shape of an oyster. In the unlikely event of an accident, the structure also houses a hyperbolic chamber that can hold up to 12 people. Like everything in Dubai, when it’s done… it’s done greatly.