Where you eat the 10 BEST PANINI in Milan

Let's find out which are the top places to eat a quality panino in the city

Credits spinasaporidipuglia IG - Panino Galiano

One of the Milanese excellences that many recognize is the art of making panini, a sandwich made with Italian bread, like baguette, ciabatta, focaccia and michetta. Let’s find out in this ranking where the best panini in Milan can be found.

Where you eat the 10 BEST PANINI in Milan

#10 The Chiosco Maradona (Bocconi university area)

Credits chiosco.maradona IG – Chiosco Maradona

The Chiosco Maradona is among the most recent in the city. It was born in 2006 from the desire to transport the spirit of the Campania culinary tradition to Milan. Among the most popular panini is the one with sausage and broccoli, with a typical Neapolitan taste.

Address: via Tabacchi, 33

#9 Paninoteca al 19 (Bocconi university area)

Credits bez_me IG – Paninoteca al 19

Those who frequent the Navigli at night cannot fail to know it. A few steps from the Chiosco Maradona we find the historic “Paninoteca al 19” kiosk, in via Tabacchi overlooking the Parco della Resistenza. Open late, it offers a long list of good and hearty panini.

Address: via Tabacchi, 24-30

#8 Panini Galiano (De Angeli area)

Credits spinasaporidipuglia IG – Panino Galiano

Panini Galiano was born in 1974, in Milan, when the Galiano family acquired and relaunched a historic paninoteca in Corso Magenta. The owners have made this place a reference in the city for the “gourmet panini”, today in via Ravizza 5.

Address: via Ravizza, 5

#7 Chiosco Bar Isola Verde (San Siro area)

Credits Chiosco Isola Verde di Mimmo e Anna Fb – Chiosco Isola Verde di Mimmo e Anna

Chiosco Bar Isola Verde is a little kiosk among small flower beds, a minimal fast food as big as a newspaper kiosk. Being able to choose from a wide range of panini, all delicious and well filled, makes this small open-air place an essential stop for those with little time to eat.

Address: Via Novara 1 Piazza Melozzo da Forli

#6 The Panino Ignorante Gourmet (Naviglio Grande area)

Credits massimo_tramontin IG – Il Panino Ignorante Gourmet

A novelty in Milan, the Panino Ignorante Gourmet opened only a few years ago, but has already become an unmissable location for lovers of top-of-the-range panino. A destination also chosen by many local VIPs. The menu features panini with original names, such as “Alice in the panino of the wonder”. To try at least once.

Address: Via Lodovico Il Moro, 1

#5 Paninoteca 1978 (Buenos Aires area)

Credits noxonoxelli IG – Paninoteca 1978

Paninoteca 1978 is one of the Milanese institutions in terms of panini. The address of this paninoteca is in Galleria Buenos Aires 16, but its entrance is on Via Giovanni Masera. Classic paninoteca, long list of panini, about eighty, among the most sought-after cured meats boar ham or cooked speck stand out. A curiosity concerns the prices: each panino has two, one for the day and one increased for the night.

Address: Galleria Buenos Aires, 16, entrance from via Masera

#4 Chiosco al Politico (Castello Sforzesco area)

Credits chioscoalpolitico IG – Chiosco al Politico

Just down from the podium we find the Chiosco al Politico, opened in Milan since 1991 in Piazza Castello. Cared for and surrounded by tables and umbrellas, with about twenty seats, the kiosk has an almost infinite range of panini, almost 90, from classic to porchetta to raw ham, fontina, tomato and pink sauce.

Address: Piazza Castello

#3 Panini De Santis (Corso Magenta area)

Credits glo_keller IG – De Santis

Panini De Santis is one of the historic sandwich shops in Milan. It is said that he is the inventor of the gourmet panino. The historic restaurant, opened in the 1960s, is located in Corso Magenta: small and welcoming, with Tiffany lamps at the tables, photos of celebrities on the walls and as many as 200 panini on the menu. Over the years, other stores have been opened in Pavia, Brescia and even in Rome.

Address: Corso Magenta, 9

#2 Panino Giusto

Credits _lamartinella_ IG – Panino Giusto

Panino Giusto is synonymous with excellent quality panini, to the point of having conquered Italy and beyond. Established in 1979 in Corso Garibaldi, over the years this brand has experienced incredible growth, another 15 places opened in the city, two in the hinterland, as well as in the Veneto, Piedmont, Rome and even Switzerland. Without a doubt one of the Milanese paninoteca to try absolutely.

Address: Corso Garibaldi 125

#1 Bar Quadronno (Porta Romana area)

Credits mikymatei IG – Bar Quadronno

Bar Quadronno was the first paninoteca to keep open late into the night in the city. The stuffed panini was invented here in the early 1960s, with gastronomic delicacies and various sauces and incredible novelties for those years: the smoked salmon panino or canapé, or even myths and legends such as the monkey ham panino, which in in reality it was nothing more than a chamois ham. For many Milanese and beyond this is the best place to eat a panino.

Address: Via Quadronno, 34