The 10 VILLAGES of ITALY that cause more FEAR

Where are they and why are they so scary

Credits edoardokucich IG - Rosazza

Ten small Italian villages where mysteries, disturbing tales and ancient legends intertwine. Let’s find out where they are and why they are so scary.

The 10 VILLAGES of ITALY that cause more FEAR

#1 In Saint Marcel the ghost of an armiger wanders with a bloody sword (Aosta Valley)

Credits lorenzomusa IG – Castello di Saint-Marcel

A terrifying legend revolves around the Castle of Saint Marcel. It seems that among the rooms of the manor the ghost of an armiger dressed in seventeenth-century clothes wanders, holding a bloody sword in his hand.

#2 Rosazza, the town built by spirits (Piedmont)

Credits edoardokucich IG – Rosazza

Legend has it that the town of Rosazza was built by spirits and for this reason it is known as the most mysterious town in Italy. It was once inhabited by Federico Rosazza, a member of the Senate of the Kingdom of Italy and of the Young Italy association of Giuseppe Mazzini, who seems to have been the great master of Freemasonry in the area. In fact, Rosazza is rich in esoteric and mysterious symbols.

#3 Oleggio Castello, with the ghost of a dead woman in its tower (Piedmont)

Credits aimonedalpozzo IG – Oleggio Castello

Above the green hills overlooking Lake Maggiore, there is the town of Oleggio Castello with a special castle in neo-Gothic style: Castello Dal Pozzo. It tells of a young woman named Barbara who died in the tower of love sickness in 1400 and who has since wandered aimlessly through the rooms of the castle.

#4 Triora, the village of witches (Liguria)

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The village of Triora is famous for being the village of witches. It all began in 1587 when the small Ligurian village was hit by a terrible famine and bad weather: the cause of this misfortune was attributed to the witches. Triora became the scene of a real witch hunt, a story still recalled today and which can be found in the ethnographic and witchcraft museum of Triora.

#5 Landriano, with its castle “inhabited” by the ghost of a witch who died at the stake (Lombardy)

Credits la_saretta_89 IG – Castello di Landriano

The Landriano Castle in the province of Pavia, would be inhabited by the ghost of Janet, a noblewoman who owned the castle in the sixteenth century who knew the power of medicinal herbs. An ancient legend tells that she was accused of being a witch and killed at the stake and that since then the presence of the woman has been perceived in the rooms of the castle.

#6 Curon, a ghost town submerged by the lake (Trentino Alto Adige)

@nicola.scalise – Curon

In the Val Venosta there is a bell tower that emerges from the lake, the only evidence of the village of Curon submerged by the construction of a dam during the 1950s. According to a legend, bells can still be heard ringing from the bottom of the lake in this ancient ghost town.

#7 Poveglia, the island of the plague (Veneto)

Credits yamihabana IG – Poveglia

A few steps from Venice in the middle of the lagoon is Poveglia, an uninhabited island used as a quarantine place for over 160,000 people during the plague. It is said that the soil of the island is made up of 50% human remains, many found by chance under the vineyards. The psychiatric hospital built in 1922 and abandoned for over 20 years also increases the rate of fear perceived in this strip of land.

#8 Borgo a Mozzano and the devil’s bridge (Tuscany)

Credits benini.bruna IG – Borgo a Mozzano

Borgo a Mozzano in the province of Lucca is known for its devil’s bridge and a legend surrounding its construction. The master builder, during the construction of the bridge, worried about not being able to meet delivery times due to the continuous flooding of the Serchio river, would have invoked Satan’s help. To complete the work in a single night, the devil asked in exchange for the first soul to cross the bridge. The master mason accepted, but used a ruse: he made a dog cross the bridge and thus saved his life.

#9 In Calcata you can hear the song of the witches (Lazio)

Credits danielemartuk84 IG – Calcata scorcio

Calcata, in the province of Viterbo, is also known as the Borgo delle Streghe (Village of the Witches) and has long been uninhabited except in certain periods of the year when artists and hippies live together. In this small village it is said that when the wind blows strongly, the singing of the witches would be heard while walking through the streets.

#10 In Sermoneta the ghost of a dead child wanders in the castle (Lazio)

Credits belviii – Castello di Sermoneta

In the village of Sermoneta, in the province of Latina, a disturbing legend has been handed down that revolves around its castle. It seems that the specter of a child who died violently in the basement of the castle wanders in despair. All the clues lead to the little prince depicted in a painting in the Cardinal’s room.

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