The L1 line of the NAPLES METRO: it will be the first Italian CIRCLE LINE

Let's discover all the features of this record-breaking metro line

Credits - Metro Line L1

Construction of the L1 underground line of the Campania capital continues. When the Capodichino Airport station will be inaugurated, the line will connect the main urban mobility poles: port, railway station and airport. Few cities in the world can boast this record. But this is not the only record that will be broken. Let’s discover all the features of this underground line.

The L1 line of the NAPLES METRO: it will be the first Italian CIRCLE LINE

# Work is progressing for the construction of the Capodichino Aeroporto station

Credits webuildgrup – Capodichino Metro Station

On the Naples L1 metro line, work continues to complete the entire route. The construction site is at an advanced stage in the Capodichino – Airport station. Created by WeBuild, it will allow users to arrive inside the International Airport of the Campania capital on board a train. When the stop will be inaugurated, Naples will be one of the first cities in the world to have an underground line that directly connects the three great poles of city mobility: Porto at the Municipio station, Railway Station at the Garibaldi stop and Capodichino Airport.

Credits webuildgrup – Capodichino metro station interiors

The station was designed by the architect Richard Rogers and, in the wake of the other stations of the art, it will be characterized by a particular spiral system of stairs inside with a large external round roof that will allow natural light to arrive from above in the deep central well.

# It will be the first circular metro in Italy

Credits – Metro Line L1

However, this will not be the only record of the L1 metro in Naples: it will also become the first circular line in Italy. Once the last stretch from Capodichino Airport to Piscinola Secondigliano has been completed, with 4 intermediate stops, the ring that reaches the mountains from the sea and then descends again to the valley will be closed.

The line is in fact also known as the “hilly underground” as it serves various hilly areas of the city, with a complex route and high slopes due to the morphological complexity of the Neapolitan territory. Currently there are 19 operational stations, for a length of 18 km, while at the end of the works they will reach the number of 27.

Source: Napoli da vivere

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