FLIGHTS at 4,99 euros? How to find planes at bargain prices for the summer

5 simple rules to find flight offers by following the exclusive advice of Nicolò Balini, one of the most successful travel bloggers in Italy

The desire to travel, to go out of Italy and in general to do anything that in the last two years we have been deprived of, is back. While tourism in Italy is returning to 2019 levels, planes no longer travel empty and fill up more and more. But the war has caused an economic crisis that cannot be ignored, so here is the way to reconcile the desire to travel by spending less. You can find flights for less than 5 euros following the exclusive advice of Nicolò Balini, one of the most successful travel bloggers in Italy.

FLIGHTS at 4,99 euros? How to find planes at bargain prices for the summer

How many times have you heard about friends and relatives who managed to travel for even less than 20 euros, while you have always had to pay the ticket at the full price. Here are five simple rules to be able to find flight offers for up to €4.99.

# 1 Be flexible on dates (and destinations)

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The very first rule to find a low-cost flight is to be flexible. If you do not have any special working or other specific constraints, during your flight search it is better to insert flexible dates and maybe even several destinations. If you have in mind more different places you want to go, during the search better to enter the State you want to reach rather than the precise city and, if you even want to travel without a specific destination, we recommend choosing the option “anywhere” in the destination section.

Another aspect where to show flexibility is the airport of departure or arrival: for example, if you are in Milan, better to give the opportunity to depart from all 3 airports in the city (Linate, Malpensa and Orio) rather than just one. And then the dates. If you don’t have any special commitments, looking at the flights throughout the month where you want to travel is the ideal choice, so you can choose the dates with the most convenient offers. Midweek flights are the cheapest.

# 2 Choose low cost airlines

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Ryan Air

Choosing a low-cost airlines like Ryanair, Easy Jet or others is certainly the best way to pay little for your trip. Low-cost airlines reduce their costs: they offer less comfort (for example, Ryanair does not have reclining seats), they save on staff and their training (often the companies have a single type of aircraft so that it is sufficient that the staff knows only that one) and choose secondary airports and uncomfortable times. All these measures make the airlines the real machines of the organization to make money, but guarantee the customer low prices.

# 3 Search offers through specialized sites: e.g. Skyscanner, Edream, Kayak and Momondo

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To have more choice, you have to compare flights on those specialized sites against the prices of multiple companies. Now there are really many sites, from the most famous such as Skyscanner, Edream, Kayak and Momondo, to those less famous but always reliable. These portals allow you to understand which day, time and destination are the most cost-effective. It is not necessary then to book directly on these sites, on the contrary, once found, it is better to buy the ticket directly on the company’s website.

# 4 Use the “incognito” mode

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Searching for flights in “incognito” mode might have its advantages. Airlines in fact change prices based on cookies: if they notice that you are repeatedly looking for air flights, prices will increase. This is why the incognito mode is the best solution, because the browser does not record cookies.

There are other ways to pay less for a flight ticket: for example, check if paying with different currencies can be cheaper, or change your search location in the world (with special websites) and see if buying flights to and from Italy, from other countries, is cheaper.

# 5 Carry on board only one luggage and accept the random seat

L’aeroporto di Berlino Tegel

If you choose low-cost airlines, each additional service will be charged. For this reason, buying tickets at low prices also requires a bit of flexibility.

It is therefore recommended to fit everything you need inside your free carry-on baggage or, if you are not alone, to share your checked baggage with others. Plus, you have to be prepared to travel close to unknown people.

The seat assignment is random: if you want to stay close to your travelling companion, you have to pay.


(Original article by Beatrice Barazzetti )

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