The sad story of the SUSPENDED VILLAGE built on a BRIDGE

Probably inspired by the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. But with quite another success

Who doesn’t know the Ponte Vecchio in Florence? Famous for the houses and stores built right on the bridge in 1300. In another part of the world there is something similar, but even more particular

The sad story of the SUSPENDED VILLAGE built on a BRIDGE

# An idea to attract tourism

In Chongqing, China, there is an entire neighborhood built over a bridge, overlooking the Liziang River: an example of the most modern infrastructural engineering.

Reasons behind the existence of this bizarre project are purely economic and touristic. The local government wanted to invent something so curious and unique as to attract hordes of visitors.

# The BIZARRE tourist village

In fact, the neighborhood is a touristy one, made up of more Western-style buildings and residences embedded among others in a more traditional Chinese style. To accommodate everyone.

Despite being adorned with bizarre elements, such as a school bus suspended in air, puppets and statues (including one representing Rio’s Christ the Redeemer miniature), such a tourist district has not been a big deal.

# The sad fate

The bright colors with which the buildings were painted, in contrast to the dreary, gray skies of most days of the year in this part of China, were not enough to make this suspended district a popular attraction.

Today it is half-abandoned, desolate and melancholy conditions, but it still remains open to visitors. It is animated only by delivery drivers, who ride their scooters through the village in a hurry, passing lowered locks and silent statues with faded smiles

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(Original article by Alice Colapietra)