VAN GOGH’s works come to LIFE: the new FUTURISTIC PALACE inaugurated

The architect "creator of dreams" returns to amaze with a futuristic tower inspired by the works of Van Gogh.

Torre Luma, Arles. Credits: top_inmobiliario_ IG

The architect “creator of dreams” returns to amaze with a futuristic tower inspired by the works of Van Gogh.

VAN GOGH’s works come to LIFE: the new FUTURISTIC PALACE inaugurated

Also referred to as “The creator of dreams”, Frank Gehry is the artist who revolutionized architecture with his unmistakable style and now returns to amaze the world with a new futuristic palace inspired by Van Gogh’s dream paintings. This piece of art, because his works are much more than just buildings, was inaugurated on June 26th. Is the new building once again made of dreams?

# The Luma tower: a futuristic building in a park dedicated to art


The work is located in a larger complex in Arles, the Parc des Ateliers, which from a former industrial site has been transformed into a place for collaboration and experimentation between artists of all kinds and also the public. The result is a large experimental cultural complex in the south of France whose heart is represented by Gehry’s futuristic work: the Luma tower. The context in which it is located is very reminiscent of the en plein air painting of which Van Gogh himself was a lover, making the natural elements protagonists.

# Renewed Vangoghian subjects and the post-impressionist technique


The post-impressionist technique has been revived, but not only; the architect had the building to make the features of the geological formations take on the background of the famous “Starry Night” exactly like the Parc des Atelier, in Provence. The clear and decisive brush strokes with which Van Gogh used to paint, were represented by covering the tower with 11,000 stainless steel plates, which reflect the light and give dynamism to the statuary tower.

# A tribute to Van Gogh and Provence


The 7 floors of the tower are intended for the offices of the cultural foundation opened by the art collector and patron Maja Hoffmann but there are also studios, workshops and on the top floor, a panoramic terrace and a bar. The complex is a tribute to Van Gogh and at the same time to Provence: a circular glass crown was built at the base of the tower which aims to recall the Roman amphitheater of Arles and, developed on 3 floors, will house ticket office, bar and conference rooms. To connect the Parc des Ateliers with the city, the project also includes a public park by architect Bas Smets, a garden with plants and flowers from the region designed to mitigate the impact of the mistral and summer temperatures.

The newly inaugurated tower already makes the world murmur, fascinating not only art and architecture lovers, but also all those idealists who let themselves be inspired by the works of the “creator of dreams”.