Will a ROBOT bring the DELIVERY to our HOUSES? The test with the PIZZA started

The first robot that makes home deliveries. Here's where

Credit: tomshw.it

The first robot that makes home deliveries. Here’s where

Will a ROBOT bring the DELIVERY to our HOUSES? The test with the PIZZA started

Imagine ordering a pizza, opening the door to the delivery boy and standing in front of you… a robot. The Domino’s Pizza chain has decided to test robots that, without any “human” help, guide and deliver pizzas to your home. They still cannot circulate in every country, but in the future we will also be able to receive pizza from robots. Where can they circulate and how do they work?

# The first pizza delivery robot: the Domino’s idea

Credit: tomshw.it

The idea came from Domino’s who, in collaboration with Nuro – a company specializing in robotics – created the first pizza delivery robot. R2, as the futuristic runner was called, has the ability to drive from the pizzeria to the home and “deliver” the pizza: once the order is loaded, the automatic trolley starts to make the delivery. Not everyone, of course, can open the robot and pick up the pizza; once at its destination, the robot sends a notification to the customer who can open the doors thanks to a PIN, and collect the dinner.

# From pizza to ice cream: will everything be within reach of robots?

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For the moment, the robot can only circulate at certain times – those with less traffic – and has a rather limited range of action. In fact, the authorization received from the Department of Transportation allows robots to make deliveries only in certain neighborhoods of Houston, and only for Domino’s pizzas. Yet the company intends to continue studying the service, to expand and improve it. “We still have a lot to learn about fully automated deliveries: this test will allow us to understand how customers react and interact with the robot and how these trucks can improve the effectiveness of our service“, commented Dannis Maloney, one of the managers.

R2 was designed to carry both hot and cold food: ice cream, sushi or pizza? In a few years it will all be within reach of robots.