The FLOWER OF THE OCEAN is born: will artificial archipelagos become a world trend?

An 8-year project has been added to the list of artificial archipelagos. Which shape will the next archipelago take?

Credit: @wthemeparks

In the province of Hainan in China, a flower-shaped archipelago has appeared, an 8-year project that has added to the list of increasingly ambitious and strangest-shaped archipelagos in the world.

Will the artificial joints arrive all over the world?

The FLOWER OF THE OCEAN is born: will artificial archipelagos become a world trend?

#Ocean Flower Island

Credit: @wthemeparks

We are in the province of Hainan in China, this is where Ocean Flower Island shows off its splendor.

This artificial flower is one of the most ambitious projects in the world which required 8 years of work and 24 billion dollars.

The name derives from its original form: the project, which consists of some independent islets with a total area of ​​381 hectares, will replicate, seen from above, the petals of a flower gathered around the corolla.

The outcome is crazy: a giant flower seems to have been built in the middle of the ocean.

#An ambitious urban project

Credit: @blueent48

This artificial archipelago with petals will host a world of luxury, activity and creativity, also perfect for tourists from all over the world.

Inside there will be 58 hotels, the largest convention center in the world, 28 museums, an amphitheater, an ice skating rink, theme parks and luxury residences.

# Artificial islands around the world


The artificial archipelagos in the world are now spreading and have increasingly absurd shapes.

The famous “Palm Islands” of Dubai are the first example even if they have now been surpassed by the last mega project built next door.

This archipelago in the middle of the sea is called “The world” and is made up of 300 artificial islands. The name, once you look at it from above, is immediately clear, this archipelago in fact has the shape of a world with all five continents.

From Japan to the Netherlands, artificial archipelagos are increasing and becoming more and more creative.

When will these archipelagos become a worldwide trend? But above all, can you guess what the next shapes will be?