In ITALY there is the ROOFTOP of the WORLD

The Italian point where you have the world at your feet

Rooftop of the world

How many people would like to reach the top of the world, get to the highest point and observe the entire planet at your feet? In Italy it can be done, better saying there is a place known as Rooftop of the World. Certainly it isn’t as looking at things from the comfortable seats of an airplane, but the spectacle it offers is a must.

In ITALY there is the ROOFTOP of the WORLD

# Where is it located?

Credits: @i_love_marche
Tetto del Mondo Castel di Mezzo

Parco del Monte San Bartolo, province of Pesaro Urbino, Marche. There it is, between Casteldimezzo and the Bay of Vallugola, not far from Gabicce Monte, the so-called “Top of the World of Castel di Mezzo”. It is the plateau the “Montagnola” and it’s reachable through many paths, some well-marked others a little less. One of the easiest ways to reach it is to take the panoramic state road 16, go up to Casteldimezzo and after 400 meters in the direction of Gabicce, take the path of the Monte San Bartolo Park n. 151.

# How high is it?

rooftop of the world

How high will the top of the world be? A question that everyone will ask themselves. The Italian one is not as high as you could imagine, but the view it gives has earned him the nickname of “Rooftop of the World”. The Montagnola, a green expanse that in May is filled with brooms, in fact, is only 196 meters high above sea level. Moreover, it is close to the live cliff so on the “Top of the World” it must be careful.

# A 360 degree view

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top of the world

So even if the Italian Rooftop of the World does not have great physical characteristics that make it so particular, the fabulous view that you can enjoy from its top turns it into a place to be seen. A wonderful view in all directions, at 360°, and only from 196 meters above sea level. The view is not only on the sea, but from the Top of the World you can also see Casteldimezzo with its old port and the bay of Vallugola, Gabicce and the Riviera Romagnola to the north. If you then turn inward, your gaze is all over Romagna, San Marino and Montefeltro.