The 5 Most DANGEROUS PLACES in the World

"Leave all hope, O ye that enter"

Credits: @paolaxyz Dancalia

We all know the fascination of danger and adrenaline, but if you want to get home safely, maybe you shouldn’t go to one of these places. Here are the 5 most dangerous places in the world, where, if you want to go, it is better to buy a one-way ticket and for the return you will see.

The 5 Most DANGEROUS PLACES in the World

# Snake Island

snake island

There is an island off the coast of Brazil whose name is Queimada Grande, but is more commonly known as Snake Island. It is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world. If you simply think his nickname you also understand why: the Brazilian island hosts between 2000 and 4000 specimens of poisonous snakes on an area of just over 430 thousand square meters. The island is not inhabited by humans and is the only one that welcomes the Bothrops Insularis, one of the most dangerous species of snakes in the world that can kill you in less than an hour.

But why are there so many snakes? The reason is quite simple: Queimada Grande detached from the mainland 11 thousand years ago and the snakes that were inside continued to reproduce without being able to go anywhere else and without having predators.

# Lake Kivu

Credits: @tour_guide_rwanda
Lake Kivu

Apparently this African lake looks like a normal water basin, indeed there aren’t crocodiles or alligators that could make it dangerous. But, as you know, we must go beyond appearances and in this case the saying could not be more apt. Inside Lake Kivu, on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there are methane deposits and, if this gas were to emerge, a tsunami would cause the death of 2 million people, as well as flora and fauna.

# Dancalia

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The Dancalia Depression or Afar Depression or Afar Triangle is a region of the Horn of Africa. It looks like a lunar landscape worthy to visit, however, it is a poisonous desert of Ethiopia. It is reminiscent of a constantly bubbling acid lake, yellow with shades of green and others ranging from pink to black. It is the lowest point in Africa and one of the warmest and most inhospitable areas in the world.

How is this phenomenon explained? Beneath it, the rocky rind of the Earth is cracking and the underground magma chambers feed 12 active volcanoes, capable of generating steaming geysers, bubbling conches and a fiery lava lake.

# Aokigahara

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This might be the most disturbing forest that can exist on Earth, as well as the one with the most tragic stories. Aokigahara is located in Japan on Mount Fuji and is commonly known as the forest of suicides. Also called Jukai, or sea of trees, the forest is dangerous if you do not stay on the paths. Moreover, it is not uncommon to find signs that invite people not to take their own lives. It is not clear why, but many choose this forest to commit suicide; legends tell that the forest is inhabited by intolerant ghosts of the past that attract the most fragile souls. The fact remains that the number of bodies found lifeless in the forest is worrying: in 2008 105 were found, but even today the numbers are high, more than 50.

# The Swamp of Okefenokee

Okenokee Swamp

The Okefenokee Marsh is considered to be the most dangerous place in the world, but in general it is certainly part of the first 5. It is a “pond” of Georgia populated by carnivorous plants of all kinds, by large swarms of mosquitoes and insects, frogs and poisonous snakes, plus thousands of alligators. In short, a place where if you happen to stumble and slip your foot into the water, you’re not sure you’re gonna make it out alive.