Seven canyons in Europe that are in no way inferior to the most famous in the world

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Canyons have always fascinated me, deep gorges are created, real holes where the earth seems to sink and all thanks to the water, which with its patience has created all this in hundreds of thousands of years.

In addition to being a striking example of the power of nature, canyons are also excellent stops on a trip. It is always thought that the most beautiful landscapes are those far away but we want to prove the opposite.

Let’s see together which are the most evocative canyons in Europe.


# 7 Tarn Gorges (France)

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If among the most famous gorges in Europe there are those of the Verdon, the gorges of the Tarn are the best known: the homonymous river has dug the rock for 53 km, giving life to deep cracks in which the waters flow with a force extraordinary.

Along the course of the Tarn, characterized by limestone walls that reach dizzying heights of up to 500 meters, stretches of calm waters (planiols) and rapids (rajols) alternate, rocky outcrops and wild nature.

Within this wonderful place there are also many castles, villages and romantic churches.

# 6 Vintgar Gorge (Slovenia)

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The Vintgar Gorge is 1600m long and up to 250m deep on the eastern edge of the Tricorno National Park and is located in Slovenia.

It was formed by the Radovna River, which, after exiting the gorge, flows as a right tributary into the Sava Dolinka River.

Along its itinerary you can meet several waterfalls that make the journey even more beautiful.

# 5 Ha gorge (Crete – Greece)

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Immersed in the panorama of the eastern area of ​​the island of Crete, this canyon winds for 1.5 km that follows the course of the river.

Here nature reigns supreme, and for this reason it can be difficult to cross the path that leads to the gorge, making it even more interesting and mysterious.

# 4 Tara canyon (Montenegro)

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We continue our journey and arrive in Montenegro, where the Tara canyon is located.

This is the longest gorge in Europe and reaches a depth of 1300 meters, which makes it second only to the mythical Grand Canyon.

A place so evocative that it was chosen by Microsoft as one of its famous backgrounds for the desktop and entered the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Its itinerary among the rocks winds for about 83 km within the Durmitor National Park.

# 3 Partnach Gorge (Germany)

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Germany often amazes with its landscapes and right here we find the next canyon on the list. It is called the Partnach Gorge (Partnachklamm) and is located in the Rhine Valley.

This gorge acts as a natural conduit for the river of the same name and runs for about 700 meters between limestone walls that reach 80 meters.

This canyon offers a breathtaking spectacle, especially when the whole landscape freezes.

# 2 Fjadrargljufur (Iceland)

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Iceland cannot be missing from any list of natural places.

Here we find the Fjadrargljufur, a magical canyon one hundred meters deep and about two kilometers long that once again represents the uncontaminated and breathtaking nature of this country.

This natural spectacle attracts tourists from all over the world and also famous people, so much so that Justin Bieber chose this canyon to shoot the music video of his song “I’ll show you”, an event that led to the canyon’s overtourism for many months. , so much so that the Icelandic authorities decided to close it.

It is always thought that the most beautiful places are far away and instead the first place on this list is in a place closer than you think but which is often underestimated.

# 1 Gola Ruinaulta (Switzerland)

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What we believe to be the most evocative canyon in Europe is locate in Switzerland.

Here we can admire the Ruinaulta gorge, a wild gorge with a rushing river, white rocky walls and wide woods also known as the “Swiss Grand Canyon”, formed thanks to the flow of the Anterior Rhine.

This place is a real naturalistic paradise that offers a wide range of outdoor experiences. From trekking for the more experienced to excursions for families, from cycling to rafting: each person will find his or her own paradise surrounded by nature.