It is as long as 20 Olympic facilities lined up and is so big that you can sail it by canoe or sailboat

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It is as long as twenty Olympic facilities in a row, and so large you can sail a canoe or boat on it. A single lap in this pool will take hours.


# The Biggest pool in the world


The largest swimming pool in the world is located in Chile, specifically in Algarrobo.

This impressive pool spans a kilometer in length and has an extension of eight hectares, or 77,000 square meters. To give an idea of the length, we can compare it to 20 Olympic facilities put in a row.

This Guinness World Record swimming pool can hold two and a half million liters of water, which is pumped, filtered and purified straight from the Pacific Ocean, from which it is separated only by a strip of white sand.

How is such a large tank cleaned? Maintenance is quite difficult, though possible thanks to a technology patented by Chilean engineer Fernando Fischman, which allows the purification of unlimited amounts of water.

# A luxury resort


This pool is a wonderful optional at the luxury resort of San Alfonso del Mar: a family-run business which, in recent years, has dedicated itself to providing personalized services aimed at taking advantage San Alfonso’s wonderful features.

The result is dreamlike: surrounded by palm trees and white beaches, the pool is in direct contact with the cold waters of the ocean, separated only by a narrow strip of land.

The pool is so large that you can sail on it by canoe or sailboat.

# A new opponent

There are many future pools that will utilize the same technology as the current largest pool in the world. Several projects are underway in Argentina, Greece and Dubai, and it looks like this pool won’t keep its gold medal for long.

In Sharm El Sheik, a pool has been designed to be the new largest pool in the world, covering a whopping 12.5 hectares. It will be called Crystal Lagoon and will be located at the Citystars Resort. With its 120.000 square meters, it would by far exceed the size of the lagoon of Algarrobo, which currently holds the world record.

Several resorts will be built around the pool, a village of sorts which will consist of around 20,000 residential properties. To compensate for the distance from the sea, the pool will be filled with salt water.

Who will be the winner?