The eight cities in the WORLD that PAY you to live there

Are you tired of working for a living? Here are 8 places where you get paid to live there.

Are you tired of working for a living? Here are 8 places where you get paid to live there.

The eight cities in the WORLD that PAY you to live there

#1 In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, they pay you 18,000 dollars if you move there to live and work for at least 7 years

Credits churchmypassion IG – Saskatchewan

The charming Canadian province of Saskatchewan offers up to 18,000 dollars to anyone willing to live and work there for at least 7 years. The climate is certainly not pleasant, with cold winters, hot and dry summers and a temperature that can easily reach 65°C, but perhaps this can be postponed.

#2 The small Canadian community of Camdem offers up to 2.8 acres to those who create at least 24 jobs

Credits streetview – Camdem Nova Scotia

The Camden community, also in Canada, has paid close attention to business owners and employers. Indeed, for those who undertake to create at least 24 jobs, the administration offers up to 2.8 hectares of land to start their business.

# 3 In Alaska they offer 3,200 dollars monthly to live there at least 180 days a year

Credits 49thandwander – Alaska

The state government of Alaska has launched a policy to encourage immigration because, due to the cold temperatures and harsh climatic conditions, fewer and fewer people decide to live there. The plan offers 2,250 euros per month to anyone who undertakes to live there for more than six months and has no criminal record.

#4 The city of Niagara Falls pays graduates up to 8,500 dollars as long as they stay and work in the area

Credits lucafrankde IG – Niagara Falls

The city of Niagara Falls, famous for its waterfalls, offers up to 6,000 euros to graduates who decide to live there for at least two years through the Housing Incentive program. The only condition is that the students remain to work for a local company.

#5 The municipality of Detroit offers 25,500 dollars to anyone who decides to live and work in the city, to repopulate it and foster the local economy

Credits markthehall IG – Detroit

Due to the gigantic economic crisis of the past decades, the former automobile capital of Detroit found itself in a condition of semi-neglect. The federal government’s choice was to offer up to € 18,000 to all those who move to the city and start working there. The goal is to stimulate the economy and increase the population.

#6 The state of Kansas offers land to those who decide to go and live there, in order to repopulate its cities

Credits bt.warren IG – Kansas City

The state of Kansas has begun offering land to all those who decide to live there for a certain period of time, in order to cope with the drastic decline in population experienced in recent years.

#7 In Utrecht you receive a monthly salary of 900 euros for taking part in a social research initiative

Credits sofiasousasilva – Utrecht

The Dutch city of Utrecht has started researching the behavior of its inhabitants by paying them a monthly salary of 900 euros. The aim of this initiative is to find out how much local citizens are willing to spend in the local context.

# 8 In Tristan da Cunha in South Africa, one of the most remote human settlements in the world, the government encourages job offers with big incentives

Credits IG – Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha is a tiny island in South Africa, one of the most remote human settlements in the world that can be reached in 5-6 days of navigation. To increase the population, only 250 people live there, and to grow the local economy, the local government encourages job offers with great benefits for all those who decide to move to the island. The most popular activities are agriculture and breeding.


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