The INFINITY PATH: the new trekking walk overlooking the Ligurian Sea

Some have called it "the most beautiful path in the world"


Some have called it “the most beautiful path in the world”: surrounded by the blue of the sea, the green of the mountain and the typical pastel colors of the houses of the villages

The new Infinity path allows you to walk across these lands with completely different eyes without the interruptions which were due to the structure collapses of the past years.

The INFINITY PATH: the new trekking route overlooking the Ligurian Sea

# The infinity Path

For the trekking lovers, the new path, which starts from the last location of the “Cinque Terre”, is a must. The walk starts from Riomaggiore and arrives at Porto Venere, the road is overlooking the sea and passes through small paths with difference in altitude of 500 m.

The 6-hour walk is 12 km long, it can be tiring but the view at every step and the magic of the landscape repays all your effort. The path traces ancient roads, hidden in the Mediterranean maquis and crosses villages and timeless cliffs; this characteristic of timelessness is the reason why it was given the name of Infinity Path. Time does not flow here: it’s not a dive into the past but at the same time you don’t feel to be part at the present.

Riomaggiore. Credits:

# The colors of Liguria


The new path offers a solution to those who love this part of Liguria, orphans of the most famous walk, the so called “sentiero azzurro” or “blue path” that connects all 5 lands but is still interrupted in its southern parts, between Corniglia and Riomaggiore, due to some collapses during the recent years.

The path runs through the Mediterranean maquis, among woods, terraces, vineyards and olive trees. All this by having the sea in the background, always visible. The hamlets take you to pastel-colored villages that brings you back to civilization, allowing you to rest during your trip. From Riomaggiore and following the southern direction you can reach the sanctuary of the Madonna di Montenero  from where you can admire the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, immersed in the blue sea.

Passing through the small villages of Cas Lemmen and Campiglia, you reach the beautiful view of the Gulf of La Spezia. Climbing the Ligurian mountains you reach the promontory of Muzzerone, and then from here, descending towards the sea, you reach San Pietro a Porto Venere, a church overlooking the cliff and surrounded by green woods.



(Original article by Sarah Iori)

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