The LONGEST BUS ROUTE IN THE WORLD is about to be completed

70 days and 20,000 kilometers through 18 countries: a journey that will change the life of those who try it


There are those who love to travel by bus and those who hate it. Taking long rides in those narrow seats may not be as pleasant as they show in the movies and yet there is one ride that is so unique that it might make you forget all the uncomfortableness.

The world’s longest bus route will be completed in 2022: a journey through 18 countries that could be life-changing for those who ride it.

The LONGEST BUS ROUTE IN THE WORLD is about to be completed

# The old world’s longest line: from London to India in a Bus


Historically, the longest bus route went from London to Kolkata, India. This record-breaking journey lasted for about 16,000 km and kept passengers on board for a full 46 days.

46 days on a bus, with a couple of breaks a day and in between a ferry ride but still inside the bus. This journey is incredible if you think that the route was used from 1950 to 1970. It was in this year that the route stopped being used, thus losing its record as the current longest bus route in the world.

# The longest bus line in the world right now: from Lima to Rio


The longest bus line in the world is currently much shorter than the record-breaking one that went from London all the way to India.

We’re talking 6200 km for a trip from Lima, Peru to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This bus includes 44 standard seats plus 12 places to sleep, two drivers who take turns during the trip and only two breaks per day.

How long is the trip for? As many as 102 hours.

Initially, the route only ran from Lima to São Paulo, but since January 2016, it has been extended at the request of travelers to the capital city of Rio.

# In 2022, the world’s longest bus line will be completed


At the end of the year, barring other complications due to the pandemic, the longest bus line in the world will be completed, breaking all records in history.

The project is called “Bus to London” and is signed “Adventures Overland”, a well-known company famous for its long bus trips.

It will cross 18 countries over 70 days for a total of 20 thousand kilometers.

The route? From Dehli to London and back.

It will be a unique journey that will retrace the ancient Silk Road in Asia and, in addition, will allow passengers to make several stops to visit the most beautiful cities along the way.

The departure station will be Delhi and then continue east towards Myanmar and enter Thailand, stopping in Bangkok.

From there the route will follow the North crossing the Mekong, Laos and Chinese Yunnan until the stop in the megalopolis Chengdu. Afterwards, the journey will take the ancient Silk Road to Russia, stopping in Moscow.

In the last part of the route, the bus will cross Europe from the Baltics to Brussels via Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. After more than two months and thousands of kilometers, the adventure will end in London.

# A journey where you meet the deepest part of yourself


Taking this dream trip is not for everyone: in fact, tickets cost about 15 thousand euros.

Obviously the buses are modern and there are several improvements compared to the record-breaking route of the second half of 1900: the seats are comfortable and reclining, there is Wi-Fi, charging points, private lockers, USB ports and much more.

The project was conceived by Indians Sanjay Madan and Tushar Agarwal, winners of several titles from the Guinness World Record and the Limca Book of records.

Their company specializes in intercontinental road trips, their motto? “On our trips, you will meet yourself”.


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