The gods’ Fall

All the biggest revolutions and changes of history have taken place in a situation of power weakness


All the biggest revolutions and changes of history have taken place in a situation of power weakness.

The end of the Roman Empire had been preceded by a series of very modest imperial figures; The French Revolution or the Bolshevik Revolution happened during a collapsing political climate characterized by weak and incompetent statesmen.

Even the current West political class, after the conflict of the Cold War, appears a bunch of persons who seems more oriented to live day by day than to drive growth and development.

All modern society seems to carry on, day by day, its activities without having a project or a long- term view.
In order to have a long-term project you need to have a clear vision, an idea of the world.
Without a high vision, it is inevitable that the stateman will be dragged down by short-term and short-range forces. And not only that.

Without a political project, it surely ends up that those who govern lead to support economic forces instead which, instead, the political class should supervise to direct them to the implementation of the project and the well-being of the citizens.

In the mythological narrative the fall of gods anticipates the destruction of the human civilization in an apocalypse that leads to the regeneration of a new world.

Among pandemic, drought, war, boom in commodity prices, climate and energy collapse, the apocalypse seems already ongoing. To get out of this epochal crisis perhaps the last missing passage is the final fall of the gods.


(Original article By Andrea Zoppolato & Duilio Forte)

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