Taking a trip to the Caribbean while staying in Europe seems impossible and yet it can be done


Taking a trip to the Caribbean while staying in the European Union seems impossible and yet it can be done.

The secret? Few people know that the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Sain Martin are actually European. In fact, all three islands use the euro and are represented by the European Union.

Let’s see these earthly paradises together!


# 1 Guadeloupe: the butterfly of the Caribbean

Credit: @carles1985

Guadeloupe is an island in the Caribbean that belongs to the French overseas department.

This small natural paradise in the heart of the Caribbean comes to life on a butterfly-shaped island that is part of the French Lesser Antilles, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Wild and unspoiled nature is the absolute protagonist on this island, starting with the enchanting beaches including the Caravelle, the Plage de Bois-Jolan, the Plage du Bourg and Leroux.

In Guadeloupe, temperatures are high and pleasant all year round, ranging between 18 and 33 degrees. The best months to visit the archipelago, however, are from February to April, or in the dry season, when the humidity is more bearable and the risk of hurricanes is minimal.

Among other attractions, worth mentioning is the fascinating Morn à l’Eau Cemetery, in Grande-Terre: made up of hundreds of graves with black and white squares, it takes the appearance of a giant chessboard. The most important moment of the year is during the celebration of the dead when at nightfall the tombs are covered with thousands of lighted candles.

# 2 Martinique, the island of eternal summer

Credit: @giuliapersonaltravel

Martinique is a Caribbean island part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago. Belonging to France, its culture is characterized by a mixture of French and West Indian influences.

Many call it “the island of eternal summer” because of its perfect climate: 28 ° on average throughout the year. The four hundred thousand inhabitants reflect the history of this island made up of different occupations of peoples that have led to the mixing of people, cultures and traditions.

Traveling on this island it is possible to take a boat trip to admire the dolphins or spend a day on the Îlet Loup-Garou: a small island out of this world where you can witness the magical laying of turtles’ eggs.

# Saint Martin

Credit: @discoversainmartin

Saint Martin or Sint Maarten is a Caribbean island divided between two territories: the southern half of the island is Dutch, while the northern part is French.

The French part stands out as the most characteristic.
Marigot, the capital of this area, is a very lively and dynamic typical Caribbean city. In addition to a colorful weekly market full of traditional food and handcrafted creations, you can visit the museum where there are creations made of shells.

Visiting these wonderful places is a must even just to see the faces of your friends when you say that you have taken a trip to Europe …. to the Caribbean.