Mafia and Fascism: two sides of the same mentality

    The points of contact of two things of Italian origins which have spread like wildfire in the world

    Two of the things of Italian origins which have spread like wildfire in the world are the “mafia and fascism” from which various political leaders have taken inspiration during the twentieth century. These two phenomena have many points of contact.

    Both place at the center the figure of the leader, charismatic and infallible, who has power over the whole community. An unlimited power that he exercises in a paternalistic way, officially for the good of the community and getting by return the reverence in the form of religious faith with a total consensus.

    Any dissent is deleted by force and no internal or external interference is tolerated. It is not allowed to talk behind the leader’s back, they are all commendable and their obedience is revealed thanks to ceremonious rituals. Those who do not align must be physically eliminated or confined outside the community.

    All members of the community are forced to donate a part of their fortune to the authority in order to get back a real or presumed protection and, in general, to be safe from the many dangers of the society. This is also putting the person in safety from the retaliation of the power itself.

    Legislative and executive power are in the hands of the same person. And even the judiciary one is subject to the code of honor and also to the authority of the main Leader.

    These are conservative systems, in which there is no development and no evolution because the dissent, critical thinking and freedom of thought are not considered acceptable. Every level of freedom is a gentle courtesy by the authority, it’s never a right.

    There is the feeling that these two faces of the same mentality haven’t been over in the twentieth century on the contrary, they are the protagonists of our present daily life.


    (Original article by #Xmilanocittastato)

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