Agorà: the LARGEST SAUNA in the world

its uniqueness is not just a question of size

This sauna boasts the distinction of being the largest in the world. However, its uniqueness is not just a question of size. It is a structure designed to embrace its guests by offering a unique relaxing experience.

#Agorà: the LARGEST SAUNA in the world

# Structure and location as strengths

Credits: @luckytrip

Agorà” is the name of the sauna, characterized by a peculiar triangular shape. Its location is on the small arctic, mountainous island of Sandhornøya in the Norwegian county of Nordland. Built on a quiet and pristine beach, the property directly overlooks the Norwegian Sea. Unlike other saunas, its design was meant to be large and open.

In fact, the front facade is mainly made up of glass panels that allow you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the place. The architect who designed it, Joar Nango, said he was inspired by ancient Norwegian building practices. The intent is to convey the idea of ​​being in a tent able to provide refreshment to adventurers tired from their journey.

# Its name is related to its purpose

Credits: @luckytrip

The name of this place has not been not chosen by chance. With Agora, in ancient Greece, people were indicating the main square of the city. The term literally means “gathering”. The goal of the majestic Norwegian sauna, in fact, is to gather as many people as possible and provide them with some social exchange. Its capacity has the ability to accommodate up to 120 guests at the same time and to put them all in contact. Inside you can find a bar to eat in a room heated by four large wood stoves. Each place is accompanied by ambient music as a background, helping to relax the senses.


When the sauna is not in operation, the structure can be used as an amphitheater. There seminars or theater performances can be held. All its characteristics contributes to the fact of being an exclusive place. Here you can be capable of dissipating thoughts by starting again with something extra.


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