The BUBBLES PALACE: history and images of the MOST EXPENSIVE and DESIRED house in the world

Living in a bubble has it's price and it's not so light

When we tell someone to open their eyes because “they are living in a bubble” we mean they are living in their world, away from the reality that surrounds them. There is a persone who made this saying one of the most desired and expensive homes in the world.

Let’s do a house tour together.

The BUBBLES PALACE: history and images of the MOST EXPENSIVE and DESIRED house in the world

# The story of the most desired house in the world

Credit: @larusmiani

Where could the most expensive and desired house in the world be if not on the Côte d’Azur? We are in Théoule-sur-Me, on the bay of Cannes, here is where the famous Bubbles Palace was built between 1975 and 1989.

It was designed by the Hungarian architect Antti Lovag for the French industrialist Pierre Bernard. On the latter’s death in 1992, the property was purchased by the stylist Pierre Cardin, a passage that will give this building its current fame. In fact, the designer transformed the space into a perfect location for scenographic events and high fashion shows.

# 1200sqm of bubbles

Credit: @diegoca

The complex consists of 8500 square meters of total area, 1200 of the house, two swimming pools, a garden, walkable spaces on the roof and an amphitheater directly overlooking the cliff with seating for 500 people: not exactly the typical home for going on vacation.

It is not surprising that the major VIPs have chosen this bubble to spend a relaxing holiday at a safe distance from worldly life.

# A house without edges

Credit: @sundayamen

The terracotta spheres that make up the Bubbles Palace perfectly reflect the architectural philosophy of Antti Lovag, according to which straight lines are “an aggression to nature”.

In fact, each house has the shape of a bubble but that’s not all, because even the inside follows this philosophy: there are no edges, no corners, no straight lines but only curved lines and rounded shapes. 

The Hungarian architect’s goal was to create a house in which everything was round: from the apartments to the interior rooms, up to the swimming pools.

# The unique furnitures

Credit: @myfornitureisfrench

The apartments resemble the structure of a cave: the ceilings are arched, the windows resemble the portholes of a ship, all the walls are made of stone and every small piece of furniture follows the rounded shapes of this fantastic world created on the Côte d’Azur.

The furnishings of these modern bubbles are unique in their kind and fully reflect the personality of the famous designer: extravagant, unconventional and with a crazy chromatic attention.

Each of the 10 bedrooms has been decorated by a famous artist such as Patrice Breteau, François Chauvin and Gerard Cloarec; this is reflected in the refined furniture and the unique statues that decorate every corner of the Palazzo delle Bolle.

# Living in a bubble has it’s price and it’s not so light

Credit: @palaisbulles

Living in a bubble has its price, and it’s mind-boggling.

The designer Pierre Cardin had decided to rent it for short stays and for exclusive parties for the modest sum of one thousand dollars, per night!

After the death of the French designer, however, the Palazzo delle Bubbles was put up for sale and, despite the price of almost 400 million euros which is the highest price premium ever achieved in Europe for a property, it seems to have already found the its buyer.