“THE ONE”, the most EXPENSIVE VILLA in the WORLD goes to auction

The " the royal palace of luxury and entertainment". Even the price is stratospheric

Credits: corrieredellosport.it the one

What might be the most expensive villa in the world has been auctioned off, but it’s so luxurious and oversized that it might be worth all the money asked for. Here’s what it looks like and how much it costs

“THE ONE”, the most EXPENSIVE VILLA in the WORLD goes to auction

# The royal palace of luxury and fun

Credits: @williamsandwilliams

The word house doesn’t really fit to this building, but even villa sounds like a diminutive. The gigantic home in question is in Los Angeles and has a 360-degree view of the city, specifically located on a promenade in the super-luxury Bel Air and is called The One. How big is it? 9755 square meters and covers three floors.

In the villa there are 20 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, a cinema theater, several kitchens and a billiards and bowling area. Still on the topic of entertainment, The One has also a private wellness center with 7 pools and hydro massage, but also a disco that can hold up to 900 people.

# Auctioned at a stratospheric price

Credits: corrieredellosport.it

Another peculiarity is the car showroom it has in. The idea is that of a garage, which has up to 50 cars, so once again the word “garage” is a diminutive. In a nutshell, the villa looks like a small city, concentrated in its thousands of square meters. In fact, it lacks nothing, perhaps only a supermarket.

But how much does it cost?

Credits: corrieredellosport.it

The house was put up for auction due to the builder bankruptcy, who defaulted on over $100 million in debt and therefore had to declare insolvency.

The super luxury villa is now for sale on Concierge Auctions, for a stratospheric value: $500 million (more than 450 million euros). The price also includes super-cars and rare cars in the garage.

Here are some pictures of the villa taken from the site corrieredellosport.it: is it worth all this money?

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(Original article by Beatrice Barazzetti)

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