The rage’s source

It seems that anger has become the soundtrack of our times

Ph. Vicki Hamilton (pixabay)

Our society is turning out more and more as an angry society.

The fight against the virus which started as an emergency that united us all, has turned into a fury, never seen before, against those who have different trend of opinions. The invasion of Ukraine immediately triggered very strong reactions against Russian citizens and organizations even in areas that have nothing to do with the conflict, such as culture, sport or study.

It seems that anger has become the soundtrack of our times: it’s very often an irrational feeling that is always addressed against an enemy or a scapegoat to be shot down without mercilessly. But where does this feeling so sudden and violent, that sounds so far from Western culture, come from?

You can make several assumptions. On the social level, one of the key factors could be the globalization which has led to a de-personalized society in which the idea of micro-communities is destroyed and, as a matter of fact, has annihilated the natural habitat of the human being throughout his history.

If you run a more psychological analysis, the origin of anger lies often in frustration caused by schizophrenia, that is, a radical dissociation between the natural personality and the fictitious ego, which comes from introjection of values and desires that actually do not belong to the person.

So, all the unsolved natural impulses and instincts may turn into a destructive energy that is projecting on others.

Whatever the origin may be, what is certain is the evidence of an anger that keeps fueling by increasing at each step. The result is that it is impossible to solve the problem and leading necessarily to an endless escalation.

As in a neurotic or psychotic pathology, the natural resolution path has to come from the person by taking responsibility. On the contrary, all what is driving people to an outside obsessive projection of one’s problems ends, with no doubts, to self-destruction.


(Original article By Andrea Zoppolato & Duilio Forte)

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