The PALACE with the SWIMMING POOLS on the BALCONIES: is it a model for the houses of the future?

Clelia Tower: will it be the inspiration for new luxury and comfort buildings?

Credits: Torre di Limassol

A new building could shake the rules of design up. It is a residential building that has pools instead of balconies. Having a swimming pool has become a must in many luxury hotels so much that hoteliers built them everywhere. Thinking about the seaside resorts, swimming pools are usually near the sea in order to have an excellent view, but now also a “very common” residential building has its own pools. Let’s see where it is.

The PALACE with the SWIMMING POOLS on the BALCONIES: a model for the houses of the future?

# The password is luxury

Rendering piscina palazzo

We are in the city of Limassol, on the island of Cyprus.

The residential building was designed by the French architecture studio Hamonic + Masson & Associés and it ranked second in the international competition for the best “Tower of Limassol”. Luxury is the watchword in this structure: having a pool in the house is already a nice privilege, but living in an apartment and having a pool on the balcony is even more so. In addition to the swimming pools, the building has all the amenities of a luxury complex: common areas, spa and gym. The building is also in a privileged position. It faces directly on the Mediterranean Sea, south of Cyprus, and establishes a harmonious dialogue with what surrounds it.

# Inspired by nature

Torre di Limassol

The structure is inspired by the natural geometries of the floral corolla. In the island of Cyprus, the so-called “island of Aphrodite”, the beauty of the sea and the sun have led the designers to create individual housing units that develop in height and from which circular pools and green areas open out. Therefore, the building is made by  “independent islands” that, through the transparent structure and glass doors and through the natural forms, come into harmony with the outside. The Limassol Tower is a building-sculpture.

# Will it be the house of the future?

Surely the Limassol Tower or Clelia Tower, these are the names of the building, has revolutionized the concept of design. However, it is certainly not the only one. Contemporary architects are rewriting the rules, making projects that may seem absurd at first glance but certainly fascinating and futuristic. Which architect has actually anticipated the concept of the houses of the future? Let’s bet!