5 projects of NEW LINES of cutting-edge METRO in the world

The metro is advancing in the world. The 5 most innovative projects in the pipeline

biayifan IG - Yuyuan Garden Station

The metro is advancing in the world. Construction of new metro lines and stations continues to allow more people to travel aboard fast public transport and to reduce traffic on the roads. Let’s discover some of the most innovative projects.

5 projects of NEW LINES of cutting-edge METRO in the world

#1 The Elizabeth Line, the longest metro line in Europe (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Line

The central section of the Elizabeth line was inaugurated a few weeks ago on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. This railway line with metropolitan service, which also acts as a passer-by, aims to drastically improve mobility by revolutionizing transport in London and its metropolitan area. When fully operational it will extend for 100 km, from east to west, and will have a total of 41 stations making it the longest line in Europe.

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#2 In the stations of line 14 in Shanghai there is the illusion that a river flows from the ceiling (China)

Credits biayifan IG – Line 14 Shanghai

Shanghai Line 14 stretches 38km with 31 stops, from east to west of the Asian metropolis, and is the first in China to apply the highest standards of design, construction and operation.

The internal design of the stations, curated by Xing Design, returns the illusion of the Huangpu River flowing over the subway line thanks to the curved ceiling with “water waves” that lap the columns.

#3 Martin Place Metro Station, the new major interchange hub in Sydney (Australia)

metrosidney – Martin Place metro station Rendering

At the center of an underground line of 31 stations and 66 km in length, from northwest to southwest of Sydney, the new Martin Place metro station topped by two skyscrapers will be inaugurated in 2024.

It will become one of the busiest hubs in the Australian city thanks to the interchange with the railway station and will allow convenient access to the airport and lines in the eastern suburbs, as well as being close to bus services and the light rail.

#4 Some natural barriers will have to be challenged for the construction of line 16 in Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Credits alexstalima IG – Metro San Paolo

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, the project for a new 21.8 km long metro line with 21 stations that should transport 636,000 people a day at full capacity was recently announced. The construction of this line will be a real engineering challenge: the tunnels will have to pass through natural barriers such as the Tamanduateì, Tatuapè and Aricanduva rivers. The completion is scheduled for 2034.

#5 Line M4 of Milan will connect the airport with the city center in less than 15 minutes

M4 metro line Milan

The M4 line of Milan, 15 km for 21 stations, will be the fifth underground line of the Lombard capital and the second driverless line after the M5. Completed at 72%, it will connect Linate airport with the city center in less than 15 minutes, a real record. From the center it will continue along the Cerchia dei Navigli to terminate in the west at the San Cristoforo Fs station. The first six stations from Linate to Dateo will be inaugurated in the autumn of 2022, the rest of the line will be operational between 2023 and 2024.

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