ELIZABETH LINE: works on the 100 km long subway line are finished

The new record holder line is ready to inaugurate its first stops

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The new record-breaking line is ready to inaugurate its first stops. It will radically transform London’s mobility, let’s see how

ELIZABETH LINE: works on the 100 km long subway line are finished

# Not just a subway

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Transport For London announces the fullfillment of Crossrail, designed to revolutionize London’s LPT. Symbolically and also on a practical level, London wants to shake off the nightmares linked to the pandemic with a real restart.

Work on the construction has never stopped and this has paid off: the Crossrail or Elizabeth Line, the connecting line between Heathrow Airport and the City, is ready. Now it is a matter of carrying out the necessary technical tests and trials. The inauguration, already scheduled in stages, soon includes the opening of the first 10 stations. It starts in 2022, continuing with progressive openings until the end of 2023.

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# Capital city makeover

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London is thus hungry to show its reborn vitality and it does so also through the opening of a tube line with impressive aspirations, almost as high as the absolute numbers of the project.
Over the years London has been able to welcome people and skills, experiencing an impressive demographic and business increase. The challenge has been to adapt the city to the demographic development and the occupation of new and regenerated urban spaces.
In this context the Crossrail takes placed, the work designed to accompany the city of London and Londoners to the new flow of public transportation.

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# The Crossrail revolution

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Once the Elizabeth Line is completed, the total length will be over 100 km, which is more than the length of the subway network in many cities in Europe.
Part of the Crossrail will travel on the surface, but the 41 total stations will be connected by as much as 42 km of tunnels. Estimated reduction in CO2 emissions will be 2.5 million tons approx.

The revolution will bring significant help to London’s public transportation. The asset, strategically designed in time, will ease current and future traffic congestion, moving about 1.5 million more travelers every 45 minutes than today.
London’s constant demographic expansion has been faced, without drama and well in advance of the 2030 deadline, to design an infrastructure that can provide the right support to future administrators. Lastly, the lift off.

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# Terminals will be places with appeal and social interaction

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The British, with this “simple” operation, greatly reflect the character of Elizabeth II, the sovereign to whom the line is dedicated. Vision and love for the citizens have been a constant of the long Elizabethan reign.
The work is also designed to enhance the city: each level of surface of the stations is designed to be a small operation of urban upgrading, which becomes so widespread along this huge infrastructure. The stations will thus become centers designed to welcome citizens and their outdoor activities.

The business centers scattered along the line and the enormous possibilities of urban interpretation of spaces, make predict an induced activity of 42 billion pounds generated by the Crossline.

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# London arrives to the sea: inspirational for other Cities?

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This is exactly the spirit with which infrastructure must be faced: for each Euro or Pound invested, can we bring back more and more?
Challenge won by our British friends, who once again travel so fast that they bring London directly to the beaches of Rochford.
About 3 million tons of excavation, so a part of London, was in fact used to rebuild a part of the Wallasea Island Wild Coast nature reserve, a restocking oasis. London is in the proximity of Halfmoon Viewpoint, in Jubilee Marsh.
London thus realizes the great dream of many city people: to get to the sea by tube

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