Paris will have a URBAN CABLE CAR: green light for the project

The solution to connect the furthest suburbs to a metro terminus

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It will be the first cable car in the French capital. Here’s how it will be built and when it will inaugurate.

Paris will have a URBAN CABLE CAR: green light for the project

# Cable A: the cable car to connect the outer suburbs to a metro terminus

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After the approval of the feasibility study and the declaration of public utility, the project for the construction of the first public transport cable car in the French capital becomes official. The new cable car will be called Cable A and will connect several suburban but populous districts of the south-eastern suburbs of Paris to the terminus of line 8 of the metro. It might not even be the only cable car in that quadrant of the city and metropolitan area, in fact there are five other similar projects being studied for the Greater Paris region.

# The features of the line

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The line will be 4.5 kilometers long, with 5 stations, and will go from Créteil to Villeneuve-Saint-Georges via LimeilBrévannes and Valenton in 17 minutes, transporting passengers at an altitude of 40 meters.

Each cabin can carry 10 people at a time and the windows will be opaque so as not to disturb the privacy of the inhabitants of the areas through which the line passes. The catchment area served will be around 20,000 people and will make it easier for commuters heading to central Paris to access the metro system, reducing road traffic and pollution, and also speeding up connections between the network of schools, universities, hospitals and public offices scattered in the area.

# The inauguration date

The cable car turned out to be the best solution, as the area is hilly and divided in two by several highways, the high-speed rail line and the tracks leading to a large rail freight depot, but also the cheapest with the cost of the work calculated at 132 million euros.

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The first proposal is dated 2008, but the approval of the feasibility study came only at the end of 2021. The works should begin by the end of 2022 and the inauguration is scheduled for 2025.

Source: Bloomberg