The LONGEST and DEEPEST TUNNEL IN THE WORLD is located on the Milan-Zurich railway line

The characteristics and records of the Gotthard, the tunnel of records

Almost 60 km long and over 2,400 meters deep: it is the Gotthard that shortened the distances between Southern and northern Europe. Let’s discover all the characteristics and records of this pharaonic work.

The LONGEST and DEEPEST TUNNEL IN THE WORLD is located on the Milan-Zurich railway line

# Inaugurated in 2016, it has 3 firsts: it is the longest tunnel with its 57 km, the flattest and the deepest in the world reaching 2,450 meters

The Gotthard tunnel, inaugurated in December 2016, is a unique example of a tunnel in the world. It crosses the Swiss Alps, in particular the Gotthard Massif from which it takes its name. With its length of 57.09 km it is awarded the title of the longest railway tunnel in the world and beyond: it is also the flattest railway route through the Alps and the deepest, as it reaches a maximum depth of about 2,450 meters from the point where you can get to see the light. A monstrous architectural work that has revolutionized the world of transport.

# Two single-track tunnels extending across Switzerland, connecting the Reuss river valley and the Ticino river valley

The tunnel consists of two single-track tunnels each 57 km in length and connected by some accesses along the route. On its journey, the Gotthard Base Tunnel connects the two valleys of the Gotthard Pass: the valley of the Reuss river and the valley of the Ticino river.

It connects the Swiss towns of Erstfeld and Bodio. However, the tunnel runs much deeper than the others in the area, insinuating itself under large mountain ranges and also ending up in another region, namely that of the Anterior Rhine river valley. In short, it is a giant that crosses a large part of Switzerland.

# Created to increase the transport of trucks on rails, it is also used for passenger transport. A total of 300 trains pass through each day

The tunnel was approved by Swiss voters in 1992 and work began in 1996. The aim was to facilitate the transport of trucks, containers and trailers between southern Germany and northern Italy and thereby relieve road traffic that this transport causes. However, this is not its only use, every day it is traveled by passenger trains traveling at around 200 km / h. In total, the tunnel is covered by more than 300 trains per day.

# The construction cost was 12.2 billion Swiss francs. Thanks to the Gotthard tunnel, the Milan-Zurich route takes just 3 hours

The cost for the construction of this colossus was 12.2 billion Swiss francs, but it seems to have been worth it since there are many advantages it brings. For example, the Milan-Zurich line can be completed in just 3 hours, instead of the almost five hours with the previous route.