In first place a city that is not expected

Credits Arbalete - wikipedia - Tram network Milano

Let’s find out the world ranking.


#7 In Budapest the tram network carries more passengers than the metro: it stretches for 174 km

Credits orangesmile – Tram network Budapest

The seventh place in the world is Budapest. The tram lines act as the second backbone of the Hungarian capital’s public transport system, carrying nearly 100 million more passengers a year than the metro. The network extends for 174 km and has 38 lines and 630 stops.

#6 Vienna has a 176.9 km long tram network (but before the war it was close to 300 km)

Credits HerrMay – Wikipedia – Tram network Wien

Vienna ranks sixth in the world with its tram network. The route runs for 176.9 km, in 1942 it had reached a maximum of 292 km, for 30 lines and 1071 total stops.

#5 Milan exceeds 180 km of track with 17 lines

Credits Arbalete – wikipedia – Tram network Milan

In operation since 1881, the Milan tram network is just behind that of one of the largest world capitals with its 181.8 km of extension. In total, 17 urban lines and a suburban line are in operation and there are 7 depots for the storage of vehicles and maintenance.

#4 Moscow: only one kilometer more than Milan

Credits Stas Efremov – wikipedia – Tram network Moscow

The Russian capital stops just off the world podium. The total length of the tram routes covered is 183 km, approximately 1 km more than the Milan network. There are 40 lines and in 2019 they served 12 times more passengers than the city population.

#3 Berlin is close to 200 km of network (almost all to the East)

Credits Pechristener – wikipedia – Tram network Berlin

Berlin has one of the oldest tram networks in the world, the first section was opened in 1865, and and it takes the third position among the largest: 193 km. The lines are 22, of which 9 run 24 hours a day and are marked with the letter M which stands for Metrotram, and the stops are about 800, almost exclusively in East Berlin, since at the time of the Wall the trams in the West were dismantled and replaced by bus and metro.

#2 The St. Petersburg tram network is 205.5 km long (in 1980 it was the largest in the world, almost double the current one)

Credits Alex Florstein – wikipedia – Tram Saint Petersburg

The tram in St. Petersburg is still the main means of transport today, although many sections were dismantled in the 2000s. In 1980 the network was in fact the largest in the world, with 340 km, now it must be satisfied with the second place with 205.5 km and 40 lines.

#1 Melbourne’s network spans 245km and is the largest in the world with 28 lines and 1,813 stops

Credits JohnnoShadbolt-wikpedia – Tram network Melbourne

Old Europe cedes primacy to the New World. In the first place we find the tram network that serves the Australian city of Melbourne. Consisting of twenty-eight lines, it is the largest network in the world with 245 km of tracks. Inaugurated in 1883, it has 28 lines and 1813 stops.