The “LINE C” of the ROME UNDERGROUND resumes its RUN: the NEW STOPS are coming

Here is how far it will extend and possible future developments

Credit metrocspa - The Line C route

1.6 billion allocated for the extension of the third metro line in the capital. Here is where it will extend and future developments.

The “LINE C” of the ROME UNDERGROUND resumes its RUN: the NEW STOPS are coming

# € 1.6 billion from PNRR for the extension of Line C

Credits geordie_7272 IG –  Metro C station

As part of the “PNRR and national resources as an impact for Rome” event, Minister Giovannini confirmed the allocation of 1.6 billion euros for the extension of the capital’s third metro line, relating to the T2 Venice – Clodio section.

These economic resources are part of the 3.7 billion allocated to subways in Italian cities by art. 1 co. 393 of the Finance Law 2022 officially assigned in February through a specific ministerial decree. For the T2 section 1.7 billion euros have been allocated in total, counting the 140 million made available in 2014 for the construction of the Venice station. These funds, however, are not enough for the entire section, 2.5 billion would be needed, but to start the construction sites of the sub-section including only the Venice station.

# 4 km extension for 5 new stops

Credits metrocspa – Line C Rome T2 section

By the end of the year, thanks to the financing of an entire section of the Rome metro after 10 years, the construction site of the Venezia station should take place while the start of works for the remaining T2 section is expected by 2023, subject to co-financing by Municipality and Region and the necessary rehabilitation of Roma Metropolitane.

The new section will extend for about 4 km and will have 5 new stops: Venice, Chiesa Nuova, San Pietro, Ottaviano and Clodio/Mazzini. The construction of the extension to the Farnesina station is yet to be defined as an additional 700 million euros are needed, which could be included in the financial statements for the next few years.


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