The most beautiful CAMPER in the world: it costs as much as an ATTIC (pictures)

EleMMent Palazzo: the most expensive and beautiful motorhome in the world

Credits: camper più costoso al mondo

Taking an RV trip couldn’t be more enjoyable. Usually in a camper the spaces are tight and you should have a good spirit of adaptation. With the most luxurious motorhome in the world, however, you absolutely don’t have to worry about that. It is called EleMMent Palazzo and was built by the Austrian factory Marchi Mobile and valued for a sum of 2 million euros, classifying it by far the most expensive camper in the world; it is also considered the most beautiful one by 190 countries.

The most beautiful CAMPER in the world: it costs as much as an ATTIC (pictures)

# A motorhome with the comforts of a 5-star hotel room

camper terrazzino

Its futuristic design makes it even more fascinating. The camper is 12 meters long, it has six wheels, it weighs 20 tons and goes at a top speed of 150 km/h. The exterior and the shape make the RV nice, but the inside is even more beautiful. The huge vehicle was designed to offer all the comforts and has nothing to envy a suite of a 5-star hotel.

Inside there is a kitchen, a dining room, a meeting room with fireplace, a bar area, a double bedroom and a bathroom with a waterfall shower. And that’s not all. By touching a simple button, on the roof of the camper a terrace with tables and sofas appears. Moreover, the camper is equipped with latest generation technologies: it is possible to video-monitor the interior and exterior, set the temperature on board and  the camper cleans itself.

# Curiosities

The manufacturer is inspired by building elements from the world of aviation, boating and motor sports. The driving position is in fact inspired by the cockpit of a helicopter.

camper postazione guida

You can try sleeping on the most comfortable bed in the world similar to that of Queen Elizabeth. The bed was created by the factory that produces those of the English royal house. The linen is strictly Italian.

camper letto

Inside there is a 4-meter sofa, a wine cabinet and an ice maker, not to mention a large TV screen.

camper divano

If anyone should be interested in buying the camper, I’m sorry but this has already been sold to a wealthy businessman in Dubai!