Top 5 world’s most strange cable cars

A nice fellow of city trips slower than buses and, of course, than trains. Do you know which are the best cities for cable cars urban trips?

A nice fellow of city trips slower than buses and, of course, than trains. Do you know which are the best cities for cable cars urban trips? There you go!

Top 5 world’s most strange cable cars 

#5  Circle Tram, Melbourne: 28 city lines

credits: aurel_benaurel IG

In Melbourne trams are an identity symbol and they’ve never been substituted with modern transports. Victoria state capital in Australia is mainly famous for City Circle Tram, a coloured old public transport which rectangular tour is close to every main attraction of Melbourne and, most importantly, is free of charge. Flagship of a small urban centre where there are twenty-eight tram lines. Not a casual number, as I’ll show you in a while.

#4 Ding Ding, Hong Kong: historical two-floors tram

credits: dlauret IG

Peak tram carries both tourists and resident passengers to Victoria Peak, one of most amazing hiking tours in the city, with which is possible, safely and slowly, climbing up to the peak of the famous autonomous land of Orient. Alternatively downtown is possible to join trips over double-decks tram called Ding Ding, from the name of the funniest horn sound you’ll ever hear. These wild transports have always been the cheapest, they run on tracks from a very long time (year 1904) and still represent the main wandering attraction of Hong Kong tourists.

#3 Tram n.12, Geneva: postcards from Wild West


Less famous but surely very quaint is cable car line of Geneva, small and rich Switzerland city attacked to the border with France known abroad especially for the famous lake and for being the european headquarter of United Nations and of International Red Cross. In 2012 the city celebrated his 150° anniversary of its tram lines with a massive show. Its pride is tram number 12, really similar to Old West trains (noise included), which movement can be heard, by what locals say, up to the close France.

#2 28 line Lisbona: a wonderful tour between sunsets

credits: peperina12 IG

28 tram is an unmissable attraction of Portugal’s Capital. Not only because trams still keep original interiors, but also because travel close to all the city main monuments, offering a perfect touristic show. The tram connects Barrio Alto with St. George Castle, and the sunsets up here are really difficult to be found somewhere else. Really much more better than those horrible red city buses you could find in every metropolis.

#1 Ventotto tram in Milan… and in San Francisco

credits: trammilano IG

For the last point we double, because famous Ventotto (twenty-eight) tram by milanese company Carminati & Toselli allowed, between others, to join nice trips in the ever so elegant San Francisco, helping tourists to avoid fractures and muscular problems caused by all those ripid streets of Presidio, Richmond and Fisherman’s Wharf. Instead of this, right here in Milan Ventotto is an old city transport, pride of the italian business capital since a hundred years. Series number 1500 (better known as tram Ventotto), were built in 1927 and sold around half Europe, used a lot by city like Madrid, Frankfurt or Bruxelles. Today in Milan we still got 17 active lines, and 150 original Ventotto.