Would you get into the largest ICE MAZE in the world?

The largest ice labyrinth in the world has been built: 2800 sqm of snow to get lost into trying to reach the exit

Credit: @travelmanitoba

Alice walks through the labyrinth, the tunnels follow one another, she is disoriented and continues to ask herself which way she should go.

What she doesn’t know is that there is no answer to this question because in Wonderland there is no predefined road.

We all know the story of Alice in Wonderland: we drank tea with the Mad Hatter and had a magical conversation with the Cheshire cat, dreaming about a magic world.

Not all mazes are so magical and wonderfull tho, someone made a lightly shining version of this labyrinth: there are no trees but only snow, the walls are two meters high and reaching the destination can take several hours.

Let’s get into the largest ice maze in the world.

Would you get into the largest ICE MAZE in the world?

# The labyrinth from Guinness World Records

Credit: @jaz.explore

We are not in the north pole but in Canada, precisely in Manitoba, this is where the ice labyrinth that entered the Guinness World Records in 2019 is located.

The idea comes from Clint and Angie Mass, two local farmers who have always been fascinated by the gardens that their city offers.

After creating a corn maze they decided to go further: why not make one entirely out of ice?

The snow labyrinth in St. Adolphe has also adapted to the pandemic, beating its own record for ensuring a social distance between people, in a natural way.

They didn’t want to close and they found a solution: to expand the size of the maze by 91% to allow visitors to enter while respecting all safety distances.

# 2800 sqm of snow

Credit: @dw_arabic

Building the largest maze in the world was not easy, it took six weeks and more than 300 trucks to transport all the necessary materials, but the result is truly stunning.

The snow labyrinth of St. Adolphe has walls over two meters high and extends over 2800 square meters.

If you are part of the category of people who struggle to use Google maps this is not the place for you, anyone who enters this labyrinth will in fact test their orientation skills and their nerves.

Surrounded only by white walls, the goal, for the bravest who decide to enter, is to reach the exit, which can take several hours.

# A safe path

Credit: @dw_arabic

Despite the not very reassuring aspect, no one will risk freezing because several benches with small bonfires have been installed along the way to warm the adventurers who have tried this feat.

Furthermore, among the streets there are several ice sculptures that you can photograph.

This path is not like Alice’s labyrinth, it has a beginning and an end and you can also find facilitated exits for those who decide to this cold challenge.

It seems to be a safe path, but  what about you, would you enter it?