THE LAKE that turns ANIMALS into STONE

The solution for pigeons in squares of the cities?

Credits: @instatraveler_official Lake Natron

A mix between a horror film scene and reality, yet there really is a lake that turns animals into stone. It might remember one of the punishments of some evil witch, when then the good protagonist always comes to save the poor creatures. This time, however, we are not talking about magic, but only about nature.

THE LAKE that turns ANIMALS into STONE

# The Lake of Death

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lake natron

The lake that turns animals into stone is called Lake Natron and is located in northern Tanzania, in the African Rift Valley at about 600m altitude. However, you should not imagine the classic blue lake, but rather a basin of reddish water with deep white streaks; typical color of those lakes rich in sodium and often subject to evaporation cycles.

# Natron: the sodium carbonate hydrate that kills

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lake Natron

Lake Natron is called this way because of the presence of the natural compound of sodium carbonate hydrate (in fact Natron) within its waters. This substance makes the waters of the lake have the same properties of ammonia with a pH between 9 and 10.5 and a temperature of about 60 ºC, creating an environment so corrosive that almost no animal can survive.

This is how when animals, especially bats and birds, touch the water of Lake Tanzania, the minerals inside begin to turn them into stone, trapping them in the position they took before they touched the cursed lake.

# The invincible species that survives the hellish lake

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Lake Natron

Everyone thinks that this is the infernal lake or the lake of death, but a species of animal manages to survive the chemical composition of Lake Natron. No, they are not the men and much less the pigeons of the squares, but the pink flamingos. Thanks to the horny protective layer on the legs and beak, the flamingos often manage to survive the Natron lake.