AMAZON opens its first CASHIERLESS STORE in Europe

It is the first shop where you can just walk in and walk out, without paying. But where is it located and how does it work?


Europe launches its first Amazon shop where you can just walk in and walk out, without paying. But where is it located and how does it work?

AMAZON opens its first CASHIERLESS STORE in Europe

How many times have you caught yourself grocery shopping in a hurry due to lack of time, only to find out that running was useless once you made it to the checkout counter? We assume quite often.

Large queues in supermarkets create problems for many people, especially those who are always on a tight schedule. For years, Amazon has been working on a project that could finally solve this problem. Is it possible to walk out of a shop without paying? The answer is yes. Let’s find out how.

# A shop you can just walk out of

credit: – Seattle Store

Amazon Go stores have existed in the U.S. for a while now. Shops you can literally walk out of without paying. Well, it’s not that you don’t pay, but you don’t have to check out at the cash desk. Thanks to the Just Walk Out system, it will be possible to shop and leave the supermarket. All you have to do upon entering the store is to scan a code linked to your Amazon account; the moment you leave the payment will be automatically processed. Finally, the e-commerce giant has opened its first cashierless store in the UK, specifically in London.

# Hi-tech supermarkets: machine learning and smart cameras

credit: – London Store

Compared to its American counterpart, the English cashierless supermarket has been called Amazon Fresh, just like Amazon’s food delivery service – already available in several European cities. This store not only allows you to do your grocery shopping on site, but also to buy fresh produce straight from the counter, without the hassle of standing in a long queue. Furthermore, cashierless stores are equipped with “intelligent” cameras, capable of keeping inventory, as well as machine learning to make sure payments are processed correctly – better safe than sorry!

# Revolutionary shopping: where will the store open next?


It all sounds great but, despite its many positive aspects, there are some people who turn up their noses at the idea of ​​a cashierless supermarket. What are the possible complications? Undoubtedly the reliability of machine learning and, as a result, the payment system. The greatest concern, however, is the decrease in human labour. A store without cash desks means no cashiers either.

Regardless of the above, Amazon’s cashierless store – open 7 days a week from 7AM to 11PM – could be a real revolution. After their debut in the USA, Amazon stores have made it all the way to the UK. Where will the next store open?