The arrhythmia of the planet

Planet Earth has its own frequency, also known as the Schumann resonance. This frequency is also known as "the heartbeat of the planet"

Modernity is also a frequency. In addition to having a significant impact, this frequency also interferes with the electromagnetic field of the earth as well as that of human beings. This topic has been little explored due to the fact that anyone raising concerns about the damage that it might have on human health has been discredited by the scientific community.

The frequency of modernity can be defined as the set of electrical and electromagnetic alterations that our technological infrastructure causes within the ecosystem and the planet and to humans.
Every human being has a frequency. Our atoms are ordered on the basis of frequencies.
Human beings have an electromagnetic field that is connected with that of the planet.

In today’s modern era, our planet is surrounded by a vast network of artificial waves, signals and frequencies whose interference with the frequency of the earth and human beings has not really been questioned by anyone.

Planet Earth has its own frequency, also known as the Schumann resonance.  This resonance is made up of almost permanent electromagnetic waves that exist in the space between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This frequency, which was measured at 7.83 hertz, is also known as the heartbeat of the planet.

The damage detected on astronauts’ bodies during space flights has shown that the absence of Schumann frequency leads to an imbalance of their circadian rhythms, thus compromising their health, to the point where it becomes necessary to install a Schumann frequency generator on space shuttles.

Professor R. Wever of the Max Planck Institute built an underground bunker that completely screened out electromagnetic fields. Four hundred and forty seven human volunteers lived in this closed environment for four weeks. After the first few days, Professor Wever noted that their circadian rhythms diverged, causing them to suffer from severe emotional stress, psychotic onset, migraines and other health issues. Following a brief exposure to the Schumann frequency of 7.83 hertz, their health issues disappeared.

In recent years, there have been more and more spikes in the Schumann frequency which, on certain days, reaches peaks of 140/160 hertz compared to its normal wavelength of 7.83.
The causes remain unknown. Hypotheses range from interference produced by solar activity though unlikely, as this activity has remained constant over time – to the anthropogenic electrical and electromagnetic infrastructure that surrounds the planet. In this case too, the reason for this surge in recent times is still a mystery.
This enormous variation represents a significant source of alarm for human health.

As early as 1924, the Russian engineer George Lakhovsky discovered that all living cells are capable of emitting electric waves and showing resonance. When Lakhovsky bombarded the cells with appropriate amounts of electrical currents, connecting them to that of the biosphere, the cells’ strength was revitalized. When he used different external frequencies, the electric current weakened the cells, thus causing them to lose their vitality.

Based on his experiments, he deduced that all living organisms act as emitters and receivers of very high frequency oscillations. This led him to conclude that, in order to be restored to good health, diseased cells could be treated with electricity and resonance. This would also demonstrate  that humans cannot be healthy if disconnected from a natural biological frequency.

Lakhovsky also found that diseased cells produce a different frequency than healthy cells. By increasing the amplitude of the oscillations of the healthy cells, he noticed that the oscillations produced by the diseased cells were attenuated, thus causing the disease to regress. 

Biophysicist Michael Persinger suggests that our biological systems are tuned to the background frequency of our planet via Schumann resonance. The first five Schumann resonances overlap the waves of our brain frequencies, which are grouped according to Greek letters. The one directly coupled to the Schumann frequency is the letter theta, a cerebral rhythm associated with a slight sleepiness – which also occurs during the first phase of sleep and deep meditation, and is correlated to a state of profound creativity, intuition and well being.

This spike, plus the extraordinary increase in the vibrational frequency, could act as an inducer of generalized neurotic anxiety.
This means that today’s chronic diseases could be linked to this form of constant frequency dystonia.

The alarm raised by the anomalous peaks of the Schumann frequency could pave the way for new frontiers of research that could generate an innovative relationship regarding the vision of biology, physics and medicine restoring the lost connection of the human being to the biosphere.

This could lay the groundwork for a collective responsibility regarding the impact of human activity on the ecosystem of our planet, even in those cases where no investigation has yet been conducted, the aim being to restore the heartbeat of the planet to its natural rhythm.